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Trump should be gone


The Trump campaign has spent millions of dollars for ads in Arizona and other swing states. Much of what they say is not true. For example, Joe Biden has not “sent jobs to China,” does not want to defund the police, does not support Medicare for All, does not want “open borders,” does not favor the Green New Deal, does not have dementia and is not a socialist. These are false attack ads.

The July 15 West Valley View printed three letters praising Trump’s achievements. Really?

Let’s review some of Mr. Trump’s activities as president:

1) Trump’s tax cuts for the rich led to a trillion-dollar deficit in the federal budget last year.

2) He siphoned $6 billion from the military to build part of a wall on our southern border that he promised Mexico would pay for.

3) He has subsidized U.S. farmers $16 billion a year they have lost because of the tariffs on China.

4) He refuses to release his tax returns that he said he would for three years and counting.

5) He continues to make millions of dollars from his family businesses that he still owns.

6) Trump continues to propose cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

7) He has fired four nonpartisan inspectors general who should oversee federal agencies.

8) He has pardoned or commuted sentences for his convicted friends, from Joe Arpaio to Roger Stone.

9) He has spent more than 20% of his time at his golf courses since he became president.

10) He mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed 142,000 Americans so far. Note: Other countries had the same information from China, but they reacted to it effectively.

Trump’s policies and lack of character disqualify him from being president for another term. He lies routinely; blames others for his blunders; has asked Ukraine, Russia and China to help him in elections; supports white supremacy groups; cozies up to despotic rulers; throws insults and immature nicknames at people he disagrees with; separates America from long-standing allies; denies climate change reality; has done nothing to increase gun safety; praises leaders of the Confederacy who were traitors to the United States; and used the military against peaceful protesters so he could have a photo op at a church.

Trump boasts about “his great economic success,” but it’s not really his to claim. He inherited an economy that was already doing well for three years with increased jobs, lower unemployment and a rising stock market. Note: Reducing the number of jobs lost this year from 22 million to 15 million is not “adding jobs.” He enacted costly tariffs against China that American consumers pay for. He has not repealed and replaced Obamacare (fortunately for those of us with preexisting conditions). He has not “rebuilt the military.” He even added to the Washington swamp by hiring and firing inept or “disloyal” staffers. So much for his campaign promises.

Today, our economy is in trouble, social unrest is the worst in 50 years, and the deadliest health crisis in a century rages on. America needs a leader who takes responsibility, believes in science and can be trusted. This guy is not pro-America; he is pro-Trump. He should be voted out in November.

John Flynn


Listen up


In response to Mr. David Compton’s July 29 letter: All of Mr. Compton’s allegations and portrayals are laughable at the least and completely untrue at the most. 

Claim after disparaging claim made by him in his paragraph after paragraph rant exhibits ignorance of the real facts and truths. Thus, other adjectives to describe his allegations and portrayals are speculative, unsubstantiated and apocryphal. 

The absolute worst and most outrageous part of the letter is Mr. Compton’s final paragraph, in which he characterizes the murders and horrible violations to the bodies of four of our Americans (a USFS officer, two CIA contractors and our U.S. ambassador) at the hands of militants and terrorists in Libya as a “scandal (that) proved to be nothing.” Really?! Nothing?! Instead of ordering a rescue operation, Barack Obama went to bed. 

Your letter is shockingly false, baseless, fallacious, groundless, spurious, therefore and finally, invalid. Shame on you.

Perhaps this quote by Abraham Lincoln is wisdom you should keep in mind: “Better to remain silent and thought to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Susan Hewitt