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Patriot Pence


First of all, I am a Democrat and what happened on Jan. 6 was appalling. Trump led his believers to the slaughter and did not walk that path with them. And yet to them he is still their president. 

The true patriot that day for me was Mike Pence. He showed pure courage for himself and his party. I use these words for him! Courage, honesty, backbone, stability and honor. 

He honored his party and the nation by showing up on Jan. 20 and that alone was amazing. May God Bless him on his new journey. Mike Pence showed he is a true leader. 

Rebecca Tillotson   





Debbie Lesko: Resign.

Your job is to serve your constituents, not yourself. It’s quite easy, you’re paid $174,000 per year and yet you can’t do it. It’s shameful to see you participate in the bastardization of the American vote. The man who formerly occupied the White House repeatedly tried to find voter fraud. He lost some nearly 60 cases of voter fraud, including two that went all the way up to his Supreme Court where every single justice he appointed voted against him. 

You voted to reject Arizona’s electoral college votes despite no evidence of election fraud or malfeasance in Arizona. You essentially said “State of Arizona voters, your vote does NOT count. Only my opinion counts. Don’t worry Arizona, don’t vote, I’ll determine who gets Arizona’s electoral college votes. Only me, not you.”

Additionally, on Jan. 13, you went to the House floor and said to Madam Speaker, “Why pursue impeachment? What is the point?’ It’s dangerous for our country.”

Well Debbie, let’s talk about impeachment. When President Trump “bankrupt five times,” gave cover to neo-Nazi groups in Charlotte (who) murdered a protester, he violated his obligation to protect citizenry against domestic violence. That is why you impeach, but more on that later.

When “President COVID”’ threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine if its prime minister did not investigate President Biden and his son, that is why you impeach. 

When President “small hands” dismisses the murder of a journalist, citing economic partnership with Saudi Arabia, that is why you impeach.

When President “mob boss” calls and pressures the Georgia secretary of State, stating “I just want to find 11,780 votes,” that is why you impeach. 

When President “about to be divorced three times” makes excessive hush money payments from campaign contributions to hide affairs from porn stars, that is why you impeach.

When President “co-conspirator” abuses the Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments clause, that is why you impeach. Every time a foreign official stays at President “tax cheat’s” hotel or a foreign government approves an “Orangeface” organization project, or grants a trademark, he violates the Constitution. 

Foreign officials stay at his hotel while lobbying the administration. Every time he plays golf at one of his golf courses, taxpayer money goes right into his pocket. The secret service has to stay somewhere. To date, President “three-putt” has spent over $100 million taxpayer dollars to golf at his own properties.

President “Tweet” acknowledged in his own words, knowingly played down the coronavirus earlier this year, even though he was aware it was life threatening and vastly more serious than the flu. Quoting to Bob Woodward, “this is deadly stuff.” That is why you impeach.

And finally, on Jan. 6, when the president’s attorney, the furthest falling from grace by any individual, Rudy Giuliani, tells an already pumped up, crazy, insane crowd “let’s have trial by combat!” Then President “world’s worst combover” says “if you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore” and says “let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.” That is why you impeach. 

Osama bin Laden didn’t fly the planes into the towers on Sept. 11 anymore than Donald Trump walked down to the Capitol on Jan. 6, killed five people and destroyed Capitol property, but they both led, incited, encouraged and inflamed the crazy people who did.

Debbie, when you gave your impassioned speech on the floor of the House to say impeachment “would be dangerous to our country,” you said it while blood was still on the walls outside the chamber and it was still an active crime scene from the results of Jan. 6.

Debbie, your Republican colleagues Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs will be charged soon for their participation on January 6th. They’ll be removed from their office soon. Please do District 8, Arizona and the country a favor and remove yourself as well.

Greg Andrews

Litchfield Park