The Presidential Race

IDs not required


Is it truly needful to require IDs from everyone all the time?  Is it essential to society’s well-being to have IDs that are more expensive, more difficult to obtain, and more revealing of a person’s unique body makeup and personal history?

Starting in October, a standard ID is not valid to board an airplane.  Instead, a federal REAL-ID – which 99 million Americans lack – is required.

IDs aren’t just for driving, cigarettes, and alcohol.  Want to open a bank account, apply for food stamps, get a job, return an item to Home Depot, rent an apartment, stay in a hotel room, pick up a prescription, or vote at the polls?  You need an ID.

Such laws and policies make for a burdensome society, especially for the young, elderly, and poor.  I personally know people who have had all their IDs lost or stolen, which resulted in their becoming homeless and jobless.  When an ID is required to get an ID, a vicious cycle sets in, prohibiting upward mobility.

Legally, the right to privacy and the right to not be systematically discriminated against for lack of an ID are two axiomatic rights held by the people, and such non-enumerated rights are protected by the 9th amendment of the Constitution.

Len Schulwitz


Bueller? Bueller?


I love my country. I respect our laws and our culture which made the U.S. the envy of the world. I am particularly pained to witness the current abuse of power being exercised by the socialists currently in power in the House of Representatives which amounts to a partisan coup d’etat’ masquerading as an impeachment trial. 

We should all ask ourselves if we would be content to be accused and tried on hearsay evidence. Well, would you, dear reader? Of course, you wouldn’t. And while I agree with the President of the United States is not above the law he surely isn’t beneath it either, unless of course, he has the audacity to be duly elected against the wishes of the socialist elites and complicit mass media. 

I find the first week of impeachment hearsay testimony strangely reminiscent of Simone’s witness of Ferris Bueller’s whereabouts and condition: “My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with a girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night.” 

My fellow conservatives and classic JFK Liberal friends, this abuse of power should horrify us all and must stop. Otherwise, as Ethiopian leader Haile Selassie put it during WWII, “it is us today. It will be you tomorrow.”

Jason Russell


Needing help


We, the community of Cashion, need the help of our Avondale Police Department and the Avondale City Council to stop the thefts and burglaries in our homes.

We have documentation of the many thefts and burglaries that have happened in our area for these past years. We also need help in the rehabilitation of drug addicts through voluntary health programs as they pose a threat to our community while they roam the streets at night.

We do have meetings once a month with two individuals that come from the city of Avondale with a program to listen to our needs and complaints, but it is a very slow process to address these two problems.

We, the community of Cashion, are tired, desperate, aggravated and afraid of these situations happening in our beloved community. 

Jose Roberto Garcia


Time to change?


I agree with Vickie Chelini of Buckeye in her letter Dec. 4 that sometimes we need to change political parties. I changed from Democrat to Republican in 1980 when Reagan was running for president. 

Best move I ever made. 

Even Reagan changed parties in 1962 from Democrat to Republican. He turned out to be the best president since Lincoln. Wild horses can’t make me go back to the Democrat party. Especially since the Democrat party now stands for witch-hunting, obstruction of work for the American people, three years of made up lies and choreographed dirt-digging and scams to impeach a duly-elected president from the second he took his oath of office. This is even after he managed to revive the economy and unemployment to statistics unimaginable. 

The Democrats absolutely don’t want the “swamp” drained even one drop. They prefer the corruption in America’s government to be greater than Ukraine’s. If you want your kids & grandkids to live in Venezuela’s economy which will be the future of America if the Democrats manage to impeach President Trump on scam charges that they choreograph for their hearings in the closed-door meetings with not an inkling of transparency, then vote for a Democrat. 

James Logan


Bad streets


Avondale has done it again. They started to fix our streets and did the usual half-baked job and called it done.

They sprayed some oil which removed all street markings and never came back. Then on the east side of the Agua Fria river, they chipped sealed the streets. Oh, and they did chip seal and put markings on Riley Drive right in front of the high school. 

The reason I am so upset is I almost t-boned a car backing out of a driveway on Fourth Street on Dec. 4. They didn’t look and I slammed on my brakes but because the street was wet and there was little traction because the street had been sprayed with oil But not chipped sealed. I slid.  I was going slow and could stop. Someone would have gotten sued and it wouldn’t have been me.

City neglect.

Lynda Fiorini





It’s amazing how time after time supporters of Trump say how the impeachment proceeds are nothing but a sham and disgraceful. Seriously?  

Republicans know if this were a Democrat, they would be doing exactly the same thing.  Trump has divided our country in such a way that people have lost their sensibilities.

If you would do things differently to another party than you would your own, then you are being dishonest. You are not looking out for our country, you are looking out for your party.  That’s being partisan and self-serving, not patriotic. 

Mike Getz