Kraft paper envelope with blank sheet

Civil discourse


Civil discourse should be both in all of these words’ denotations and connotations.

 This should be food for thought for some letter writers.

Daniel Grumbling


Reality check, please


Folks, it’s time to accept reality.

While patriots were focused outward on defending America from foreign enemies (China, et al.), our camouflaged domestic foes outflanked us and overran our homeland. It was a classic military-style diversionary maneuver. An inglorious defeat, indeed.

A harsh reality? Yes. But the saving grace may be that our humbled nation’s ever-tolerant occupiers have thoughtfully reduced the terms of surrender to just one clear diktat: obey.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” (President Ronald Reagan)

Ken Williams


Regarding science


Vickie J. Chelini, you have certainly forgotten (or omitted) that science told us that the world was flat (well documented).

Nothing that is fast-tracked for me. As the polio vaccine took years to develop and test (well documented).

Scott Stewart


Thank you,

President Trump


Thank Trump for warp speed vaccines!

I’m sure Democrats won’t thank President Trump for his warp speed COVID-19 vaccines. They prefer to let Biden, who spent every COVID second in his basement bunker, steal credit for President Trump’s work. If, God forbid, Biden was president when COVID-19 hit America, you would be waiting five years for his declined mental ability to even give us a vaccine, which is the reverse of warp speed. 

Biden wouldn’t even have stopped all flights from China because he wouldn’t want to upset his Communist Chinese friends who recently gave his son Hunter $1.5 billion, now would he? Now that Biden seems to be soon in the Oval Office, there goes the trade agreement that Trump negotiated. China won’t buy a kernel of corn from America now. However, they won’t stop stealing our intellectual info and every secret since Democrat fools like Swalwell sleep with their spies and Feinstein uses them to chauffer her around D.C.

I’m sure Pelosi’s pilot is a spy and has her plane full of hidden microphones. She probably even gives him a $15 ice cream bar for flying her to Frisco and back.

Every leader on earth has never dealt with a pandemic of this proportion. Trump called in every single expert in the medical field to create these vaccines. He demanded they try warp speed.

Then, Biden started his commercials saying “Trump was killing Americans” and “we have to get control of the virus to get the economy back.” Exactly what President Trump was doing for the whole time Joe was hiding in his basement! Joe must not have had a TV in his bunker to watch Trump, Fauci and Dr. Birx on TV daily giving updates. Do you actually want an Alzheimer’s patient directing your pandemic, or the guy who got the vaccines and ventilators at warp speed, after Biden/Obama depleted all of the emergency supplies and didn’t bother to replenish them because golf was more important?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the Democrats perfected their scam to get rid of the goose that laid the golden eggs for America. Now, sit back and watch America become that third-world country that will be worse than what Venezuela has become. I was in Venezuela when it was prospering. If only you knew what I know about Korrupt Kamala, you would want to stock up on some pampers. Sit back and enjoy the “ride”!

James Logan