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Trump is dangerous


It looks like the U.S. and Iran avoided all-out war, at least for now. As President Donald Trump speaks on the issue and his supporters praise and cover for him, some fact-checking seems useful.

Here are some recent examples of false statements, as researched by the Washington Post and the New York Times: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “Pres. Trump didn’t say he’d bomb Iran’s cultural sites.” Yes, he did.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley: “Democrat presidential candidates are mourning the loss of Solemeini.” No, they’re not.

Vice President Mike Pence: “Solemeini assisted several of the 9/11 terrorists to travel to Afghanistan for training.” No evidence of that. He was not mentioned in the Congressional Report on 9/11. 

Sean Hannity: “Hillary Clinton gave uranium to the Russians.” No, she didn’t.

Rep. Paul Gosar: “Here is a photo of (former) President Obama shaking hands with Hassan Rouhanni.” No, it’s Photoshopped. 

And from the Liar-in-Chief himself in the past few days: “Under my leadership, the U.S. became the world’s No. 1 oil producer.” False: we have been No. 1 since 2013.

“The previous president gave $150 billion to Iran.” False. The World Court, not the U.S., released about $50 billion in Iranian assets from central banks as part of the Iran nuclear deal.

“The JCPOA (nuclear deal) was going to expire shortly anyway.” False. It would be reviewed, and maybe expire, in 2030.

“Iran’s hostility increased after the signing of the 2015 nuclear accord.” False. Their hostile activity decreased but increased in 2018 after Trump reneged on the deal.

“We destroyed 100% of ISIS.” False. They’re still a threat and killing people.

Finally, to those who defend Trump by touting the economy, some facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census Bureau, and Bureau of Economic Activity: The U.S. GNP the last four quarters was 2.1%, about the same as in Obama’s last four quarters. Unemployment in October 2019 was 3.6% and has been on a steady decline since 2010. Personal income has been on a steady rise since 2009. Spendable income has not risen for three years for 40% of full-time workers. 80% of income increase as gone to the wealthiest 20% of Americans. The national debt has increased almost $3 trillion since 2016. Health care costs and pharmaceutical costs in the U.S. are the highest in the world.

Conclusion: If Trump remains in office, he is likely to be even more reckless and dangerous.

John Flynn


Do not disrespect the office of president


I, we actually, have been reading all about opinions regarding the guilt of President Trump in the WVV. Recently, there was a letter claiming the president has told 10,000 lies. Really! 10,000!

Name 1,000 for me, or 100, or even 10 that can be substantiated.

He has recently been labeled a “huckster/con artist” and an “amoral abomination of a colossally narcissistic leader” by Mr. Compton of Litchfield Park. He also wrote there are 300-plus bills waiting on the desk of Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-KY. Probably true but what isn’t mentioned is the majority of them are liberal bills promoting more and more government giveaways, freebies, fueling the Democrats’ debate and people who vote for their party in the first place. We don’t need more government interference in the natural selection process. If you don’t have it, get a job and buy it like the rest of us. Just like you can’t force people to bloviate using facts or go out and get a job you also cannot fix knowledge shortcomings.

Obviously, people writing their opinions, which by the way is the only evidence regarding impeachment to date, do not realize that opinions and hearsay regarding someone else’s opinion are not evidence. All we have heard so far is what people heard, think they heard, what they fell, what they think happened and so on and so on.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the sad part the office of the president is being disrespected. You do not have to like Trump and you can have whatever opinion you want regarding impeachment, immigration, tax reform, nuclear and trade agreements and all the “evil” things he is doing, but you must stop immediately degrading and disrespecting the office because he is in it.

I don’t think anyone should forget, we just endured eight years of the worst president in my lifetime, if not all time. Obama lied to the American people, “you can keep your doctor,” “Benghazi was due to a video,” “fast and furious,” and was not initiated by his administration. These are all the facts in evidence that we all know now is true. He also “bribed” the Iranians $4 billion to $8 billion to release Americans held for fictitious crimes in their country, about Obamacare lowering the cost of premiums, that it would be self-sufficient, etc., etc. I don’t remember any impeachment proceedings given these actual facts regarding his un-presidential behavior!

If nothing else, President Trump is a true patriot! Something that cannot be said about his predecessor, who decreased the size of the military all around, apologized for America being free and capitalist, and bowed down to foreign leaders and had there been an investigation most likely would have brought many other issues to light. Actual impeachment issues!

Trump’s policy of “America First” obviously resonates with the voters. Yes, Hillary got 3 million more votes, but if you remove L.A., Chicago and New York votes, she not only lost the electoral college but got hammered in the popular vote. Three cities should not determine who leads this country, especially the three cities with the highest access and ease of qualifying for all the government giveaways or feeding trough if you will.

Ultimately, in the future, let’s all try to show a little more respect for the office of the president even though we might not like the actual occupant, it would be in all our best interest in the long run.

I was asked once if I would accept an invitation to meet President Obama. I said absolutely! Even though I think he was the worst occupant ever, out of the respect for the office and the man I would have been honored. 

Because I think he was the worst does not mean I disliked him as a man or thought, as a Christian, that he was the personification of hubris or abominably devoid (destitute) of vision.

Thomas Rico


Here’s a peace plan proposal


Iran’s overlords now claim they don’t want an “escalation” of hostilities, i.e., all-out war, with the United States.


That’s a great starting point for negotiations. Here’s my peace plan proposal: 1. Iran recalls all of their terrorist military advisers and surrogate “jihadists” from all other nations back home to Iran. The U.S. withdraws all of our troops from Iran’s immediate neighborhood, that is, Iraq and Syria. 2. If Iran fires missiles outside of their borders (again), the U.S. fires long-range missiles inside of Iran’s borders. 3. In claiming final victory, Iran chants “Death to America” and we chant “USA! USA! USA!”

A real win-win solution for all, right? Well, except for our world’s bloodthirsty warmongers.

Ken Williams


Predictions come true

On April 4, 2019, I sent a letter to the West Valley stating what we had to look forward from President Trump. I stated, the price of gas and commodities would go up, and it did. In addition, we are now getting into another Middle East conflict (war) with Iran. Also, we are experiencing worldwide catastrophes—global warming, flooding and fires. With 2020 here, we can expect more of the same from nature and our present administration at the White House. Oh, you can expect earthquakes around the globe for 2020 also. It seems, opinions rate higher than facts with many people. In the overall scheme of things, there is nothing we can do about what is happening and what is about to happen. With all the new weapons available on the market, it ought to be quite a show.  

Seems that certain people will do anything to hold on to power, even lead America down the path of ruin. Well enough said, history will tell the true story one day. Seems the truth doesn’t carry much weight over ignorance today. Doesn’t seem to help when you write about stuff that is happening, and going to happen—people just want to hear what they want to. Good luck to all. I hope the next administration can clean up the mess, and what a mess it is, and it is only going to get worse. 

Dennis Wood


Guts to stop terror


The government of Iraq voted to expel American forces after the U.S. drone strike killed Iranian terrorist General Qassem Soliemani at the Baghdad airport. They said they “want all foreign troops out of Iraq.” However, not one mention of expelling Iranian forces from Iraq, even after Iran attacked sovereign Iraqi territory with 15 ballistic missiles on two American bases that house thousands of American troops. I guess Iranian troops don’t count when it comes to expelling “all foreign troops.” And, Iranian ballistic missiles do less damage than one Hellfire missile from an American drone. And, I suppose an Iranian general who has brutally killed over 600 American troops in Iraq was invited as a guest to Baghdad and he just got off his plane to have tea with the Iraqi prime minister.

So, now I can understand why Iraqis are a bit upset that President Trump took out a monster who murdered over 600 Americans and maimed several hundred more. If you think President Trump did the wrong thing, please take the time to visit any VA hospital so you can meet some of Soleimani’s targets. They will be easy to spot. 

The ones with missing limbs or paralyzed on gurneys. I have used VA hospitals for 40 years and you never see patients in regular hospitals like those in a veteran hospital. It takes your breath away. Only then, you realize how freedom really works. If visiting a VA Hospital doesn’t convince you that President Trump took the right action to take out Soleimani, please take the time to visit any veterans cemetery so you can see the rest of the general’s trophies. 

It’s not pleasant, but before condemning our president for having the guts to stop terror in its tracks, during the largest war on terror in history, a slap on the wrist won’t stop terrorists. Our president took the right action and should be supported, even if you do not like him. Or, do you prefer the terrorists to attack on our own soil again? Please keep in mind that all IEDs (improvised explosive device) came from Iran to kill and maim as many Americans as possible, and “innocent Iran” has damaged many oil tankers with floating bombs to disable them while leaving the Strait of Hormuz. Most of all, don’t forget the 52 American hostages. 

James Logan