Female warriors


Despite the rich variety of Amazon legends from ancient Greece, South America, Africa, and elsewhere, there is only one historically documented example of female warriors. This is the women’s army that existed among the Fon of Dahomey in West Africa, now Benin.

These female warriors have never been mentioned in the published military histories; no romanticized films have been made about them, and today they exist as no more than footnotes to history. Only one scholarly work has been written about these women, “Amazons of Black Sparta” by Stanley B. Alpern, yet they made up a force that was the equal of every contemporary body of male elite soldiers from among the colonial powers.

It is not exactly clear when Fon’s female army was founded, but some sources date it to the 1600s. It was originally a royal guard, but it developed into a military collective of 6,000 soldiers with a semi-divine status. They were not merely window dressing. For almost 200 years they constituted the vanguard of the Fon against European colonizers. They were feared by the French forces, who lost several battles against them. This army of women was not defeated until 1892, when France sent troops with artillery, the Foreign Legion, a Marine infantry regiment, and Cavalry.

It is not known how many of these female warriors fell in battle. For many years survivors continued to wage guerrilla warfare, and veterans of the army were interviewed and photographed as late as the 1940s. (From “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest,” by Stieg Larsson.)

That is how it goes. We are born. We live. We grow old. We die. We play our part. All that remains is disintegration.

Susan Hewitt


Don’t be fooled


Has anyone noticed how in recent weeks the Democrats have been suggesting that if the Republicans dump President Trump, things will normalize and the nation heal?

After all, they reason, Vice President Mike Pence has his faults, but at least he is a normal person and not crazy like Trump. Wow, sounds great. Not really.

Don’t be fooled for a second with the Democrats deceitful rhetoric. The truth is that the progressives in Washington DC, disguised as Democrats, don’t give a hoot about the welfare of the nation. Many  of them are traitors and want only one thing. They want power for themselves.

Now Democrats are pursuing impeachment against Trump. These subversives, have already decided to impeach, regardless of what the facts show. Their mind is already made up.

If Pence were to become President of the United States, the Democrats would come after him in a heartbeat, probably before he finished taking his oath of office. Their attacks on Pence would be as vicious and never-ending as they have been on President Trump.

But, here is the good news. The Democrats don’t have anyone who can beat Trump in 2020, and they know it. They are running scared. That is why they are so desperate to impeach our President.

Roy Azzarello