Letters to the editor


The impeachment inquiry has widened the division between liberals and conservatives.

Some critics are falsely stating that the Democrats are conducting secret hearings when the fact is almost half of the committee members are Republicans. They also say nothing is being done in Congress when, in fact, the House has passed over 400 bills that the Republican-majority Senate has refused to debate or vote on. 

Only a small percentage of the time and staff in Congress is spent on the inquiry; the rest is business as usual. Mitch McConnell prefers to rush through unqualified candidates to lifetime positions as federal judges. A recent example: a 37-year-old who has never tried a case in federal court.

The turmoil has given rise to some dangerous organizations such as Judicial Watch. This far-right, conspiracy-fueled group promotes Trump’s assertions that “Democrats hate America,"  the media is “the enemy of the people," and we cannot trust the FBI, CIA or DOJ. And they stand firm against an imaginary “Deep State” threatening America.

According to mediabias.com, Judicial Watch’s main tactics are to file lawsuits against the Clintons, Obama and climate scientists. Almost all of their lawsuits are dismissed as frivolous.

They have no significant victories, although they say their hundreds of Freedom of Information suits are big wins.

Somehow they claim 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status as an educational foundation. Charity Navigator reports that 52% of their $71 million annual income goes to programs. The President of Jucidial Watch is Tom Fitton, who is not an attorney. He and the Number 2  exec each make about $360,00 a year.

Currently, as seen in the Nov. 4 issue of the Arizona Republic, page 7A, Fitton is seeking donations to protect President Trump from “an attempted coup” (i.e. Constitutional process) by the so-called Deep State. 

He illogically names James Comey, who announced a new investigation into Hillary’s emails a week before the election, and Robert Mueller, who reported no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, as members of the Deep State. 

John Flynn