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It is Day 11 before the Trigos staff report goes live.

For a development to be approved in Maricopa County (and elsewhere in Arizona), a developer must show that the project has a proven 100-year water supply to sustain it.  Unfortunately, the developers have an association and through it, they have decided to all use the same bucket and apparently, land-use managers seem ok with this or haven’t recognized it.  

Here are some facts:

38% of Arizona’s water comes from the Colorado River. 

51% comes from groundwater.

All of Arizona’s major aquifers (groundwater) are being over-drafted (taking more than is replenished naturally).

To fully replenish the aquifers, Colorado River water is pumped back into the aquifers.

After 19 years of drought, Lake Mead and Lake Powell will fall below 40% of capacity this year.

When Lake Mead’s surface falls below 1,090 ft in elevation, Arizona will lose 12% of its allocated water.

When the Colorado River Compact was created, the total flow of water was estimated by taking a decade of flow data and finding an average flow.

The decade that was chosen for flow data ended up having several years that were far wetter than the norm and the flow was exceptionally high. That went unnoticed for years.

So, from the beginning, the Colorado River water has been oversubscribed and now we are in a drought of epic proportions. There is an old saying about chickens coming home to roost.

Mark Twain once said that Whiskey was for drinkin’ and water was for fightin’. 

If we continue to rely on faulty assumptions, all the developers will have left town before the Fairy Tale takes a tragic turn. 

I am holding elected and appointed officials, accountable on unsustainable growth.

Please stop the rezoning of Trigos. 

April Reynolds 


Traffic noise?


ADOT will be widening Interstate 10 between Verrado Way and Highway 85, due in part to the proposed Interstate11 to Las Vegas and the many traffic incidents in this area.  

There are many homes that border this proposed construction, mostly in the Sundance Residential development.  Nothing in the proposed construction addresses the construction of a noise/privacy wall that will protect the homeowners from the traffic noise.  


Will the homeowners be protected or left exposed to the traffic noise?

Rumor has it that ADOT may not have to install a privacy wall in exchange for a 1 time only cash payment.

Marilyn A. Walker Vollmer


History repeats


In 1998, when President Clinton was trying to prove he wasn’t lying about having sex with Monica Lewinsky during his impeachment hearing, part of his defense was in defining of the word, “is.” He stated to the grand jury “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” Now it seems that the impeachment of  President Trump turns on the definition of the word “favor.” In his July 25 call to new president of Ukraine, Volodmyr Zelensky, President Trump asked for a “favor” to look into CrowdStrike, a shadowy cyber-security firm working for the DNC that had ties to wealthy Ukrainians who supported Hilary Clinton.

Later in the July 25 conversation transcript, President Trump asked Mr. Zelensky to look into Hunter Biden’s troubling role in a Ukrainian company, Burisma, and why VP Biden openly bragged about having a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for looking into Burisma. In that exchange, the word “favor” was not used. Instead, the fake media implied that the word “favor” was used in looking into the Bidens, which it was not.

Having built the false narrative that the word “favor” was used to investigate the Bidens, the Democrats and liberal media now had to torture the word “favor” to mean whatever sounded worse to the public based on their focus group hearings. First, it was a quid pro quo, except there was no quid or quo. Even Ambassador Sondland had to admit that President Trump wanted no quid pro quo. Next was extortion, except no pressure was applied (except in the mind of Congressman Adam Schiff). How about bribery, except in the case of bribery, the Ukrainians would have needed to see any request as a bride and then responded to it, neither of which happened. Indeed, after a short delay (for a variety of reasons), the promised military aid was delivered without any investigation of the Bidens. The presumption by some of a tie in was proven false by the evidence.

Igor Shpudejko


Breaking point


 Everyone has a breaking point, mine being President Trump’s latest turning on a dime, taking a stance to protect our children from the dangers of Vaping and two days later changing his opinion because he learned he would lose votes over it.

Trump has no moral compass.  I am at my wit's end trying to keep up with his daily antics.

Yesterday I went to the Goodyear Library and standing in the shade on a chilly morning was a poll worker. He was standing in front of a little table. I grabbed up that registration form and took it home to register as a Democrat, after 40 years as a Republican.

After a few tears, I dropped it into the mailbox.

It felt like the hottest day of the year and I had just plunged into an ice-cold pond. Not unlike a purging. Just a relief.

Please take the plunge soon and change your registration.  

Vickie Chelini