Exceptional Elijah


Thank you for acknowledging exceptional youth!  

The article on Elijah Rusk was informative and uplifting.

There is so much news about the wrong things young people do, we need to hear more about the wonderful positive things the next generation is doing. 

There are many young people of his caliber who are and will be assets to society - let’s continue to make them and their efforts known to the public.

Thanks again, please continue on this track.

Margaret Bradbeer




 To those people who misuse and abuse the handicapped parking cards: really?

Susan Hewitt




Two days after the Nov. 8, 2016 election, media talking heads were already discussing scenarios on how Donald J. Trump could be removed from office. Next came a call for selected state recounts and attempts at intimidating electors in the electoral college. On Jan. 10, 2017, days before Trump’s inauguration, the Washington Post published an article titled “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.” Not content to accept the will of the people, senior FBI personnel initiated an “insurance policy” consisting of a plan to frame Trump as a Russian agent. This hoax included a failed attempt by a special counsel who with his team of legal terrorists tried to convict Trump of colluding with the Russians.

The call for President Trump’s impeachment by Democrats has been unabated and picked up steam recently over a phone call President Trump made to the new President of Ukraine. In the 30-minute call, President Trump made a legitimate request that due to past internal state corruption, President Zelensky should look into a case involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son to ensure corruption had been rooted out of his country. The case involved  Biden openly bragging about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating a known, corrupt Ukrainian company named Burisma in which his son, Hunter, served on the board of directors. 

Realizing that they cannot defeat President Trump at the ballot box, the Democrats have turned to their last resort: impeachment. 

Not charged with any criminal acts, as President Clinton was in his impeachment, President Trump’s alleged crime is that he is a bad person and unfit for office. Some claim he has lied over 10,000 times (unverifiable nonsense), yet none of those alleged lies has impinged on his ability to fulfill his promises to the American people. Unlike most politicians President Trump has kept his promises to cut taxes, secure the border, grow the economy, initiate better trade deals, promote life, promote religious freedom, reduce unemployment to record levels, help create millions of new jobs, strengthen the military, move our embassy to Jerusalem, pass a criminal reform bill that was hailed by the minority community, destroy the ISIS caliphate and its head, strengthen our ties to NATO, bring American troops home from areas not vital to our national interest and appoint judges who respect the constitution. 

If President Trump is impeached he would be vindicated in a senate trial. But it would also show that Democrats no longer respect elections, due process, fairness and the common good.

Igor Shpudejko