Businessman hands opening an envelpoe

Thank you


I would like to thank Ms. Chelini for her letter published in the June 3 edition of your paper, regarding new restaurants in Buckeye. However, Buckeye needs more than new restaurants. My wife and I moved to the town of Buckeye in January 2008. At that time the population of Buckeye was estimated to be 46,000. Also, at that time there were four grocery stores in the town—one in Verrado, two on Watson Road and one in Downtown Buckeye.  

As Ms. Chelini points out, the population of the now-city of Buckeye is estimated at 95,000, an increase of nearly 106%. Yet, there are still only four grocery stores in what is now the city of Buckeye. 

Additionally, there are still only four principal highways to travel from the city to other parts of the state. I can understand why the mayor likes to brag that Buckeye is the fastest-growing city in the United States (now second fastest), as it attracts more people to move here.

However, the city’s assets have not improved in 12 years. I believe more could be done to grow the city, including infrastructure development and additional access roads. Hopefully, the new administration to take office in January will see this and take positive steps to improve conditions for city residents.

Bruce A. Balle


Get involved


If you’re concerned about the future of our state, fortunately there is something very easy we can all do to make Arizona a better place, and it doesn’t even cost money: sign a citizen initiative petition.

Citizen initiative petitions are how we, as people, get to make laws in our state, but they need a couple hundred thousand signatures just to get on the ballot. This is where you come in. The coronavirus pandemic has really hurt our normal ability to go out and meet people at large gatherings to collect signatures, so please look up Save Our Schools Arizona on Facebook and see where they will be collecting signatures near you.

They have two petitions that are really worth your time. One is InvestInEd, which creates a much-needed dedicated funding stream for our public schools. The other is the Second Chances Act that focuses part of our prison system on helping rehabilitate people so they are better prepared to rejoin society.

You really can make a difference on these and other issues with nothing more than a few strokes of a pen.

James Wheatley


Remember this?


Mr. Montenegro, do you really think we can forget?

Lies and tactics so unpleasing—forget? 

Insults so untrue and defaming—forget? 

Personal innuendos—forget? 

Insulting our intelligence—forget?

You had your chance. We don’t forget.

Betty Lynch

Litchfield Park

Our suffering country


Just what the American people did not need during lockdown or during a pandemic. A televised murder at the hands of law enforcement.

If anybody had a choice of what color skin they got to arrive on Earth with, I’d like to meet them. It’s so sad that the same scenario keeps happening over and over and centuries have gone by without our leaders fixing equal rights. 

It was bad enough for business owners to be shut down for three months; now violent thugs put most of them out of business in dozens of big cities. I’m glad somebody recorded George Floyd’s demise at the hands of police, but why didn’t somebody in the group, besides the three officers who did nothing, step in and pull the cop off of Mr. Floyd? The whole country witnessed a murder by police. I’m glad the Floyd family asked for their own autopsy doctor. The first was a cover-up. 

With peaceful and violent demonstrations of the magnitude we witnessed, it will be a miracle in two weeks if the pandemic doesn’t keep us shut down till next year. No social distancing and very few masks and tear gas, pepper spray, mace and smoke can all spread COVID-19. It’s amazing how many people were brought up to destroy property, loot, commit arson, and hurt people by throwing bricks and any weapon they could think of. It looked like nobody ever heard of the Ten Commandments. 

Guess who paid for and will pay for all of the destroyed police cars again? The governors should have announced a 4 p.m. curfew, not 11 p.m., and they all should have warned of a $10,000 fine and three months in jail, not letting those arrested felons back on the street in three hours. The governors and mayors knew from other riots that they should call the National Guard the first day, not a week after their cities are burned to the ground. 

Then, we have President Trump walking to St John’s Church near the White House and holding the Bible. He couldn’t go inside because it was boarded up. Every president since 1816 except Nixon has prayed at St John’s. The second it was President Trump, the bishop was upset that he stood in front of her church without her permission. The scene I saw showed President Trump standing on public sidewalks in front of the church. Does St. John’s own the public sidewalk and street in front of the church? Or, is Bishop Mariann E. Budde a staunch Democrat who hates Trump?

If Trump would have rushed to put out the fire in the church basement, Budde probably would have accused him of setting the fire. My personal feeling is, if Jesus Christ stood in front of St. John’s Church and the bishop saw Him, she would yell, “Get the hammer and nails, boys, and nail Him back to the cross, ’cause He’s back.” 

Bishop Budde needs to apologize to President Trump for running to fake news to spew hatred toward a president who was trying to bring peace and trying to bring God into the picture, instead of violent destruction we all witnessed, even at her church. This bishop decided to show hate toward our president, and she decides who can pray at her church. What would Jesus do? Would He need Budde’s permission to be there, too?

James Logan


Preexisting medical conditions


We are hearing politicians attacking others because of the preexisting conditions provision of the Affordable Care Act passed on or after January 1, 2014.

Under current law, health insurance companies cannot refuse to cover you or charge you more just because you have a “preexisting condition”—that is, a health problem you had before the date that new health coverage starts. 

It’s interesting that those running for public office are allowed to lie without recourse, and that should be a hint as to how they will act in office.

Virgil Warden




There are a lot of words to describe President Trump, but “truthful” is not one of them. Even his ardent followers have to admit that this guy lies way too much. The Washington Post has tallied over 18,000 lies since Trump took office. Politifact scores his statements as 30% true and 70% false. Here are some of his recent lies, prevarications and falsehoods:

June 3 tweet: “I gave Defense Secretary Mattis his ‘mad dog’ nickname” False—Mattis had that name years before, while in the active military.

May 30 tweet: “During the White House protests, the mayor would not let the D.C. police get involved.” False—they were involved from the beginning, along with the other police agencies.

May 26 tweet: “California Gov. Newsom is sending millions of ballots to people no matter who they are.” False—the mail-in ballots were sent to registered voters who requested them.

May 26 tweet: “There are many unanswered questions about the death (in 2001) of a staff member of Joe Scarborough.” False—the death was investigated, and no illegal activity was found.

May 11 at Rose Garden: “Germany and the U.S. have the two lowest rates of death (from COVID-19) per 100,000 population.” False—at the time the United States was 10th and getting worse each week.

May 3 Fox: “Joe Biden has written me a letter of apology for calling the travel restrictions from China ‘xenophobic.’” False—Biden didn’t apologize and, in fact, did not say that about the travel ban. Note: About 30 countries had already banned travelers from China before Trump finally did.

April 13 White House briefing: “As president, I have total authority to reopen the states.” False—only the governors can close or open states.

April 3 on Fox: “We inherited a broken test for COVID-19 (from Obama).” False—the virus was discovered in 2019, years after President Obama was out of office.

March 18 White House briefing: “The coronavirus snuck up on us, very unforeseen.” False—White House staffers and the CDC warned Trump of the coming pandemic in January.

March 17 White House briefing: “I’ve felt this was a pandemic long before it was called one.” False—for six weeks he called it no worse than the flu, saying it would magically disappear and that our 15 known cases would soon be down to zero. Note: Over 100,000 Americans have since died from COVID-19.

    Conclusion: the American people deserve integrity and honesty from their president. Mr. Trump is an amoral, self-centered, serial liar who is dangerous to our national values. He needs to be voted out of office.

John Flynn