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Twin bills are being introduced in the Arizona Legislature to prevent nuisance lawsuits against agriculture operations. 

HB 2372 is sponsored by Rep. Tim Dunn. SB 1224 is sponsored by Sen. Sine Kerr. Both of our elected officials are personally involved in agriculture businesses.

A brief outline of the bill’s content:

• No one can file a nuisance lawsuit against the agriculture operation unless their property is within a half-mile from the source of the nuisance.

• Lawsuits cannot be filed if the agricultural operation is established over one year, regardless of any change in their ownership, size, practice or the products produced.

Basically, that means if a 50-acre field of cotton is grown, the ownership can change, and they can increase the size of the farm and put in a hog farm.  

For those of us living in the Tonopah and Arlington areas, we are well aware of the flies and stench that have traveled from Hickman’s Family Farms. One of our main Tonopah businesses, Saddle Mountain RV Park, has closed.

Please contact Rep. Dunn and Sen. Kerr as soon as possible. 

Sandy Larson




True, the overall reaction to the attempted insurrection that occurred on Jan. 6 was a good one. There was consensus that if those who were at the Capitol had been Black, they would have been either beaten or killed. But although establishing this truth after that tragic day is beneficial — it provides credence to the injustice Black men and women face — we have forgotten another sad truth that the attempted insurrection brings out, namely, that revolutions are no longer dignified.

This cannot be overlooked. Revolutions have a special place in America. As Bertrand Russell point out in his essay “Power,” “This difficulty is inherent in every authority that owes its origin to revolution. It must maintain that the original revolution was justified, and it cannot, logically, contend that all subsequent revolutions must be wicked.” 

Considering how American began, we must accept that revolutions are right — at least to some degree. The attempted insurrection, however, prevents that. 

Indeed, after the attempted insurrection, revolutions in the United States lost their status. Unsurprisingly, revolutions attempted out of false information falsifies the dignity of revolutions. Having been supported unsoundly, the attempted insurrection degraded revolutions. Having been condemned thoroughly, the attempted insurrection drained the influence of revolutions. In the future of this country, the people might have to fight for what is right. They will not succeed in the slightest. They will try to correct the government, only for that to go nowhere.

Ruben Martinez Garcia




“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. I am not sure about the universe.” Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Some people! Some people feel it is their individual, God-given right to refuse the COVID-19 vaccination or even to default to First Amendment rights. Some people feel that they will incur a high risk of allergic reactions if they get vaccinated. Some people cite religious beliefs, sanitary reasons or even political bias as their compelling arguments to reject injections. Some people feel that pharmaceutical companies cannot be trusted and think they only want to sell their products, regardless of the impact on individuals.

These emotionally driven theories are everywhere: at the water cooler, in phone conversations and on the ubiquitous information highway — on social media, on broadcast news and in print. Some people…

Some people are dead wrong. Clearly, history points out that some people were outraged at the idea of being injected with cowpox blisters to protect them from the deadly smallpox virus. Even theologians felt it was against God’s will. Since then, we, as a collective society, have overcome fear and have conquered diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, rabies, measles, mumps, rubella as well as polio, which my mother contracted at age 12 in 1926.

Centuries after smallpox, the incessant wave of opposition continues to elevate the rights of individual liberties above the importance of our collective public health needs. Opponents say they will wait for “herd immunity.” Poppycock! Our finest scientists have proven the vaccine to be safe. We must all believe in science. We must move on together — now! “Some people” must decide that being vaccinated is not an individual right; it is something that all of us (who can) must do to protect ourselves from each other.

There are those close friends and acquaintances of yours and of mine who have fallen prey and have listened to the persistent noise of various conspiracy theories. We must respect their right to their own opinions, but when it comes to ignoring this societal cry for a united front against this deadly virus, COVID-19, it is lunacy to be part of the fringe who try to negate and ignore this crucial juncture in our civilization. 

The time is now. Step up, “some people!” Herd immunity may happen in the distant future, but it might be too late for some of us who would like to live long enough to meet our great-grandchildren.

Dr. Susan Montjar




Watching news coverage of what is happening in cities in the Northwest. How long will we tolerate and allow insurrections… um, I mean riots… um, I mean violent protests… um, I mean peaceful protests… OK, OK… freedom of expression.

If we can’t even define it, how can we deal with it?

Lynne Cole


Out of hiding?


Well, now Crooked Hillary came out of hiding since Biden managed to get into the Oval Office to give her 2 cents on Trump’s departure. She has the gall to say that Trump’s phone records should be checked to see if he had a phone conversation with Putin during the riot at the Capitol. It doesn’t matter to her that the Russian “collusion” has been put to rest long ago by Mueller. 

That witch hunt was exposed during the last impeachment scam. Isn’t she the one who used a personal email account to transmit confidential government emails via an unsecure server? Isn’t she the one who took a hammer to several of her government cellphones and destroyed government property when she found out that somebody discovered she “destroyed” 30,000 emails? Isn’t she the one who said, “What does it matter?” when the American ambassador to Libya was murdered when she refused to send in the military to try to rescue him? 

It’s no secret how much President Trump loved and defended our military members in uniform. After Biden’s inauguration with 25,000 troops patrolling Washington, when the news broke that the National Guard troops were resting in a parking garage with only a two-stall restroom and one-phone charging station, former President Trump came to the rescue for his beloved troops. He offered them to stay at his Trump hotel in Washington free of charge, ’cause that’s the kind of guy he is. 

For the Democrats to offer a parking garage to our troops in the middle of winter for protecting our Capitol is despicable. Now, 150 of them, as of this writing, are COVID-19 positive. Way to go, Biden! Biden’s inauguration speech promised “unity.” His form of “unity” has not a single Republican in his administration. 

His media has taken away freedom of speech from every single Republican. Twitter, Google, Facebook, Parler, NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, just to get to the tip of the iceberg. The First Amendment is now owned and operated by the Democratic Party. The smiles on the faces for this accomplishment are now China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea. They managed to accomplish all this without firing one bullet. I suggest that all of you go to babble.com and choose the language you now prefer as your main language. English will very soon be where you press No. 5. This becomes more biblical every day.

James Logan





Apparently for Democrats, impeachment means accusing former President Trump of crimes that he has no opportunity to defend. In their recent unprecedented haste to impeach President Trump, they simply canceled any discussion or arguments that may have vindicated the president. 

Did President Trump really incite armed insurrection by using figurative language (a very high bar to prove)? Or was he simply concerned about voter integrity and stating what Sen. Ted Cruz was ready to present to the Supreme Court that there was massive evidence of election fraud and irregularities?

Protesting election outcomes is nothing new, and the Democrats were quite vociferous about it after the 2016 election. That’s when they insisted on numerous recounts and encouraging electors to change their votes to Hillary Clinton. Apparently, now saying the election was less than honest is “seditious.” The tragedy of what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was due more to poor crowd control that led to a riot that President Trump condemned. Indeed, at the rally, President Trump urged the crowd to go to the Capitol building and protest “peacefully” and “patriotically” — a First Amendment right. 

Rioting, however, on the left by groups like Antifa and BLM is rarely condemned by Democrats.

Not to be constrained by the Constitution, the Democrats have decided to impeach and convict a president no longer in office — never done before. Under Article 1, Section 3: “When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside.” Chief Justice Roberts will not preside, because he knows the impeachment is not constitutional and, thus, he will not be a party to it. Professor Alan Dershowitz, preeminent constitutional scholar, called the trial “political theater” and a “show trial” and also did not want to be a party to the farce. 

Sen. Rubio stated the trial is “stupid” and “counterproductive.” So much for promoting unity, unless of course unity means repenting of being a Trump supporter and going along with all executive orders President Biden signed on his first day in office and accepting the leftist agenda that will transform America into a socialist country.

Igor Shpudejko


Let ‘er roll


The invasion begins — in more ways than one.

Susan Hewitt