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A day at the circus


The Democrats in Congress have not done a bit of work for the American people ever since Donald Trump became the duly elected President of the USA. They have thrown every obstacle in his way and obstructed everything he has tried to accomplish for the American people. 

This letter would be over 100 pages if I listed all of their schemes. They didn’t succeed in convincing the country that Russia colluded in the 2016 election, so they are scrambling to make up a “much better” witch hunt before the 2020 election. 

Now, they gave the American people a manure sandwich, without the bread, and they are trying to pass it off as caviar, and they actually think the American voters will try to wash it down with a bottle of champagne. I’m talking about the latest Democrat witch hunt, the Ukraine farce with the alleged “whistleblower” whom has not been identified after a week of this writing. 

Evidently, the Democrats think the American people all fell off the back of a turnip truck and that we will believe this latest load of poop. Nadler and Schiff and Pelosi can’t get it through their non-functioning brains that you can not impeach a president when no crime has been committed.

Somebody better take the time to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who managed to get a $1.5 billion loan from China and how Joe Biden threatened Ukraine officials to “fire a certain prosecutor or Ukraine will not get the American aid he promised them.”

The Democrats only investigate Republicans, not their own crimes! 

The American people would be fools to ignore all of the tax cuts, millions of jobs created by Trump, the lowest unemployment in history for everybody, rebuilding the military and the list is endless. 

Here we go again with maybe $50 million this time paid for us taxpayers for another Democrat Witch Hunt! How many wasted years this time without Democrats doing the high-paying jobs we elected them to do? The whole world now thinks our government is a professional witch hunter’s den of corruption run by the Democrat party. 

I have never  seen this country in such a pathetic state where every week the democrats dream up another farce to try to overthrow the President who has done more in less than three years to make the country recover from the disaster Obama created than anybody could imagine possible.

 If a Democrat manages to get elected, your taxes will be higher than the national debt and any future for your kids and grandkids will be totally out the door for eternity. Take that to the bank!

James Logan




I love my country. I respect and cherish those who have sacrificed so much so that we may enjoy a country that espouses freedom and liberty; the envy of the world. 

Since the birth of our nation, there have been bitter and poignant disagreements over policies and laws; the ability to disagree and argue are among the bulwarks of free and prosperous societies. 

As such, I don’t agree with everyone but I will fight for everyone’s right to express themselves if dignified. The centuries since our founding have seen two primary political parties squaring off for debates and elections. 

Despite our history of disagreement rarely has one political opponent questioned the loyalty of another; Adams and Jefferson detested each other for a time but both recognized the other as a patriot. Leftist socialists have hijacked the Democratic party which should unnerve us all. 

Leftists hate conservatives for their patriotism. They hate liberals for the same reason. Who would’ve thought we would see the day when every so-called Democratic presidential nominee would stand at a mic in a debate and enthusiastically promise to dismantle the Constitution, the very document they took an oath of office to uphold? 

Consider this brief list of agenda items: Race, sexism, violence, open borders, sanctuary cities, death threats, bovine flatulence, phantom diseases released from polar ice melt, man-made global warming, American culture and history distortion, speech opposing leftist thought deemed as hate speech, abortion and infanticide, anti-combustion engines, anti-Semitism, anti-religion, anti-privacy, anti-right to self-defense, anti-western civilization, anti-family, anti-law, free college education, free housing, free health care, free birth control, ad absurdum. 

These are principles of leftist socialists masquerading as liberals but with few exceptions, these are not liberal principles. Leftists have complete contempt for capitalism, nationalism, and liberty. Even retired liberal champion Harry Reid recently stated that far-left positions of the presidential hopefuls are jeopardizing their chances to win in 2020. 

Socialism has stymied personal liberty in every country it has fully infiltrated. To my liberal friends, I say that conservatives are not your enemies. Leftists are the enemies of all liberty-loving people.

Jason Russell


Cap the fuse


Random observations on impeachment:

I saw Pelosi announce the commencement of impeachment inquiry. Wondered why she looked so surprised — trial balloon has been floating for a few years. Looked carefully at her face.

Nancy, I know what you did last summer. This time around, eyebrows were raised a little too high - also your forehead seems to be  shrinking faster than arctic glaciers.

Whistleblower report started this latest train down the same old track. How can you be called a whistleblower if you never heard the whistle?

Seems this latest “bombshell” has been known since August. Dems using the same playbook Dianne Feinstein used on Judge Kavanaugh? Cap the fuse on the bombshell till they can all come up with seemingly credible crimes, stories and proof, and then release with all the “shock and awe “’ they can muster.

Lynne Cole


Losers’ tools


Much fact-checking has been done whether or not Socrates said: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of losers.” 

I really don’t care who coined the phrase. Then I take a look at our political environment and see the truism in the statement. The Democrats have levied a barrage of untruths against our president. 

The mainstream media is complicit in perpetuating the lies creating much hate and discontent based on innuendos and hearsay. 

I can’t believe we have so many losers in this country. ‘Nuff said, but sad nevertheless.

Sig Mueller


A beautiful divide


A concerned letter-writer claims that “cable news divides” us. Wrong. Differences of opinion divide the American people. They have since July 4, 1776. 

And that is a beautiful thing.

When we’re “all of one opinion,” as some folks imagine our nation’s future, be afraid, be very afraid.

Ken Williams


On vaping


I noticed last week’s West Valley View Had two big stories. Goodyear’s council raising the legal age for vaping and the timeline that leads up to it.

 I am not an advocate for or against vaping, but after reading all the reasons why this was necessary I was disturbed about the information that was omitted. The timeline article insinuates that the liquid nicotine in the cartridges is responsible for the lung illness affecting our youth. 

However, if you do just a little research the truth is that these respiratory problems are the result of black-market cartridges sold on the street filled with concentrated THC cannabis oil and not the legal nicotine cartridges at your local smoke shop. If you are going to ban something

in the name of safety at least be honest with the public. 

I don’t see how this law will do anything since the health problems our youth are experiencing are directly related to illegal activity that was already taking place.

Donald Baranowski


Restroom concerns


Information about Tolleson High School: The high school has 2,728 students enrolled; has seven restrooms.

Situation: one restroom is only open during lunch; four restrooms are open for five minutes in between classes; two restrooms are open full-time for 2,728 students.

Issue: Two restrooms are not enough for 2,728 students.

I have called city, county, state, and federal agencies but no one regulates restrooms in public schools.

Juan Cisneros


Judge mostly right


U.S. District Court Judge Neil Wake is getting some unjust criticism regarding his decision in the appeal of Proposition 123, the measure that helped fund education by taking more money out of the enabling act trust fund. 

Former Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWit warned against the action of taking too much money out of the trust fund. A better solution would have been to accelerate the sale of state trust land, as DeWit suggested. This would have brought an immediate cash infusion into the trust fund from the sales and would have guaranteed future income through the payment of real estate taxes on what was government land that paid no taxes. 

Both sources of money could be used to increase education spending. However, this would mean a loss of control of the state trust land by Arizona State bureaucrats. I suspect that this is part of the reason for failing to take the path that was clearly proper and legal rather than the one that was questionable, as noted in Wake’s opinion.

Roy Miller


From Fred Astaire to Rodney Dangerfield


The Resistance: Trump Is Hitler Times Infinity. There is a whole group of Americans whose sole political position is: “We hate Trump.” From the moment he won the election, it has been total war against the president, like nothing this country has experienced before. The left is in a panic.

The liberal position on any issue can be summarized as: Where’s Trump on this? Oh, that’s awful. Things that never bothered liberals in the past-Russia, vulgarity, the supremacy clause-are now hateful. The things they used to hate have become beloved institutions-the FBI, the CIA, Mormons, and the Bush family.

The Resistance doesn’t care about Trump’s positions-they couldn’t name his positions. The problem is aesthetic. Liberals can’t abide having that vulgarian in the Oval Office.

Yes, liberals thought Bush was an ignorant boob, but they mostly expressed their disdain with dismissive eye rolls. They held Reagan in contempt, confused about how to respond to a confident conservative, something they’d never encountered before. No one could say Nixon was dumb, so he was mocked as weird and stiff.

Trump is something different. It’s not only who he is that enrages them, but whom he replaced. Liberals absolutely adored Obama, often obscenely so. Liberal women openly boasted about dreaming of having sex with him. Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews got a thrill.

They didn’t care about Obama’s positions, either. He’s the mirror image of Trump. Obama was cool, elegant, slender, looked great in clothes. The fact that he was black was just a super-bonus. Fanatically supporting Obama meant liberals got to have a black friend. They liked that he was against the Iraq War but would have supported him even if he weren’t. To go from Obama to the crudest kind of parvenu, bragging about his wealth and IQ, with gold-plated everything, was too much. It would be like having Fred Astaire as your president and then getting Rodney Dangerfield. We get it, liberals-you hate Trump. But you’ve convinced yourselves that he poses some kind of existential threat when your real objection is that you think he’s a douchebag.

The Resistance thinks indignation gives their apoplexy dignity. Instead of admitting they’re enraged that this clown moved into Obama’s house, liberals say: The nation is in crisis. On election night, NBC’s Mark Halperin informed Stephen Colbert’s audience, “Outside of the Civil War, World War II, and including 9/11, this may be the most cataclysmic event the country’s ever seen.” Since then, it’s been a game of one-upmanship to see who can issue the most shocking denunciation of Trump.

Liberals weren’t always this excitable. They used to pride themselves on their detached view of the passing scene, sneering at the lowbrows’ tendency to overreact. I thought the whole thing about being cool was to be cool. But since Trump’s election, liberals are the ones hyperventilating over nothing and devoting their lives to demented conspiracy theories. Conservatives are the cool ones, refusing to freak out over every little thing.

 If you’re into self-dramatization, Donald Trump’s presidency is perfect for you. You get to be the princess who first felt the pea under fifteen layers of mattresses. I’M AFRAID! Psychologists are treating patients for “Trump anxiety.” Plodding and not-bright writers have produced lengthy historical analogies comparing Trump to Hitler, George Wallace, and Bull Connor, breathless with their sense of the inherent drama.

 As predicted, The New York Times’ David Brooks was one of the first out of the box with a column on Trump’s “authoritarian personality.” In a deadly earnest column, he warned that Trump was making “the argument of nearly every demagogue since the dawn of time.” Trump, he said, was playing on fears that had “proved to be contagious” and “move[d] populations.” Like George Wallace, the GOP nominee was presiding over “less a party than a personality cult.”

Trump’s supporters just thought they were being lied to-which they were. They thought they were being dismissed-which they were. The ruling class can do that for only so long before people begin to notice.

 Days before Trump’s inauguration, John Dean said, “The American presidency has never been at the whims of an authoritarian personality like Donald Trump.”

Susan Hewitt


 More food thoughts


There are other subjects I didn’t cover under food safety: When I make my homemade doughnuts, I will put the cast-iron deep frying pan on the back burner of my stove. Why? When you have small children, you do not want them to pull the handle on the fryer and accidentally spill hot oil--they will end up in the ER, with some nasty burns. I do this when I’m making fried chicken. It’s all about using common sense and safety in the kitchen. 

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten burns on my hands and arms, from hot cooking oil. This is when the raw chicken was still (or slightly) wet and I put it into the hot oil.

When I was learning to cook, many moons ago, I once burned the top of my right hand on the broiler coil on the top of the oven--it left a U-shaped burn, not permanent.

I put my hand in ice water to deaden the pain. The scab peeled off a few days later.

Another subject--hand sanitizer is the last thing you should use after cooking. Your best bet is to wash with soap and hot water, especially after handling raw meat. I will skip the hand sanitizer.

We had to wash our hands twice at Snyder’s of Hanover (the pretzel factory). After using the restroom, we wash our hands. Going to the Production Department, we open the door and touch the door knob. 

We had another sink near the entrance and have to wash our hands again, before going to our work station. Another hand washing before we begin to clean the conveyors--after finishing the hot Buffalo wings flavor, to the honey and mustard flavor. They would put me to do the final cleaning, with soap and very hot water, then our quality control person does the final inspection.

We passed the health inspection every year, with flying colors!

Another thing I mentioned in my previous email to WVV: In catalogs that sell cookware, some of them have plastic food handler gloves. I would recommend them for anyone handling raw meat(s) in the kitchen. We used them at Snyder’s for handling pretzel products, like dumping product onto the conveyor. We don’t handle the product with our bare hands! This is a no-no. I use the plastic gloves (ones I bought through the mail) when handling raw cookie dough. Or when I’m mixing raw hamburger.  

So, I’ve never had anyone come down with food poisoning in my home. Some people do not know proper cooking techniques and this is where they get in trouble. I would recommend a cooking class to learn the basics.

Laura Rivas