Receiving letters

More restaurants needed


The population figures are out for Buckeye—95,000. When the population in the near future reaches 100,000, aren’t we going to look silly with all these people and not one place to eat except fast food? The one or two restaurants in town are really a waste of space. 

The best place in Buckeye is the library. Maybe they could start serving food. 

Vickie Chelini


Take COVID-19



For the people who seem to think they know everything: If COVID-19 isn’t so bad, why did countries from all around the world shut down and ruin their economies? Why are the world’s top doctors telling us this isn’t anything like the flu and it’s much worse? If you are going to compare deaths of a flu outbreak, then perhaps you should do it accurately. Someone quoted deaths of a 2017-18 outbreak of 60,000—for a year without lockdowns.

COVID-19 has killed 91,000-plus people in the United States in about five months with lockdowns. When you have the leading medical expertise in infectious diseases, then you may know something. Until then, your ideas are just that—and with no medical expertise. I would rather listen to the medical experts than laymen or politicians. Get over yourselves and stop thinking just about you and what you want. And, by the way, your rights end when those rights can kill others.

Mike Getz


Coronavirus pandemic: hydroxychloroquine


So many doctors, so many opinions. The president is taking hydroxychloroquine under doctor supervision and the media is outraged because of the side effects. It has been used for malaria and lupus for years with the same side effects and we’ve not heard any criticism. 

What’s sad is the media is ignoring the fact that this drug is being used by the doctors in 10 countries. Reports indicate Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and our country but that it could have been used in more. This is all under doctor’s supervision and only for those patients who the doctors feel will benefit from this drug. God bless them for using any drug that will save lives.

It’s sad that the media will not leave the COVID-19 treatment to doctors and their patients.

Virgil Warden


Lose-lose proposition


In all the discussions regarding the proposed “cross-dock” facility on the Luke Air Force Base Falcon Golf Course, I have not heard a complete estimation of possible traffic counts. 

All that is mentioned are the more than 6,000 trucks daily in and out of cross-dock. What is missing is the zoned light industrial park directly across Camelback Road. This parcel, stretching from Falcon to PebbleCreek, will also disgorge trucks onto Camelback Road on a regular basis. I have not read any accounting of what this may be, but there already is a request for zoning modification to allow trucks on the PebbleCreek end to enter Camelback Road directly.

Additionally, no mention of when or who will pay for Camelback Road improvements has been made.

This whole project seems to have its value hung on the number of jobs created. The numbers are by a lawyer representing some nebulous company whose investors, beyond an LLC, are undisclosed. Stating a Fortune 500 company doesn’t give a warm fuzzy to residents who will be affected by this bad fit for basically residential communities.

About 400 to 600 jobs do not trump the thousands of lives that will be completely disrupted on a daily basis. Quality of life that exists now will suffer in this lose-lose proposition. 

It is time for the cities of Litchfield Park and Goodyear to take a stand in strong opposition to this looming tragedy to tranquility and property values!

Jerry Mays


Fighting the bullies


In reference to Roy Azzarello’s letter to the editor of West Valley View news dated May 13:

Roy, you asked if you are “the first one to have thought of this brilliant idea” of asking, on a commercial, “Do you really want Joe Biden’s finger on the nuclear trigger?” 

I have had a similar thought, having a commercial showing “Sleepy Joe,” sitting on his couch watching TV and, while grabbing for his remote to change the channel, hits a nuclear launch button instead. 

There may have been others with this thought as well. But Roy, this is the first time I have seen something like this from the public in print. Bravo! I am getting tired of the Democratic bullies, with their verbal blasting of people like you, me and the majority of Arizonans with their hate of our current president of the United States and bad-mouthing the brilliant job he has done over the last three or more years. He is a role model for all of us. We desperately need the rest of us to fight the bullies who not only bully us but a president who seems to do everything right. And they need to stop watching CNN. Or, keep watching CNN and start watching Fox News as well, especially if they want to get out of their panic and resulting depression.  

We need to keep our Republican leaders in Congress and the Senate, mainly because we need their votes to counteract the taking down of the United States’ way of life by radicals. We need to stop hiding and start verbalizing and writing ourselves. Thanks, Roy, for getting the ball started!

Michael Schwartz


Beware of doing good deeds


New York is in dire need of tax revenue. If I remember correctly, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is quite adept at creative financing. When Amazon was brokering a deal to bring its second headquarters to NYC, it came with a $3 billion performance-based incentive (and 25,000 jobs). AOC didn’t like the whole deal and felt the $3 billion could better be used in other city improvements. Amazon bolted, and someone patiently explained to her that now there was no $3 billion.

But let’s give her another chance. If she puts her mind to it, I’m sure she can come up with another idea to help Gov. Cuomo. Maybe then he won’t have to tax nonprofits who came to help with the COVID crisis.

Lynne Cole