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Stay-at-home order



I was saddened to see Gov. Ducey give into peer pressure and issue a stay-at-home order for Arizona. I guess only a handful of upper Midwestern governors seem to care about the sanctity of the constitutional rights of the People of the United States anymore.

Unfortunately, 43 other states have not wanted to let a good crisis go and waste an opportunity to infringe upon their citizens’ liberties. If we do not reassert our rights as a free people now, then the government will only infringe more frequently with less cause in the future.

Gov. Ducey and Attorney General Brnovich paid lip service to the Constitution in their announcement of the order despite obviously not understanding much of either. I can give the governor, an ice cream scooper by trade, a partial pass, but the AG should have demonstrated better legal comprehension, given his law degree, and should have better advised the governor about the constitutional ramifications of the order.

Here is a small primer on how the governor’s order violates the U.S. Constitution:

Article VI of the United States Constitution prohibits the federal and state Legislatures from passing laws which violate the articles and amendments of the Constitution itself.

The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights restricts the government from “prohibiting the free exercise of religion.” Obviously forcibly closing all places of worship quite literally violates this.

The First Amendment also guarantees the “people’s right to assemble peaceably,” without regard to maximum gathering size or minimum social distancing to be maintained. 

Thankfully, enforcement has been relatively lax so far, because if law enforcement was to stop or detain a person it would violate his or her Fourth Amendment right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures without a warrant for probable cause.

Now just because the order is unconstitutional and should not be enforced does not mean that it should be ignored completely. The governor’s stay-at-home order largely parallels the federal government’s COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations. The order should have stayed in the legal area of guidelines and recommendations, rather than a becoming compulsory order to all people in the state.

The people of Arizona and America should consider all sources of information on this pandemic, from the federal, state and local governments, and from our also constitutionally protected free press, even if the media do tend to scare and sensationalize on occasion for their own benefit.

Obviously, I believe the COVID-19 situation is overblown, but it is important that each citizen gets to make up his or her own mind on exactly what the situation is and what is the best means going forward for his or her personal situation. That is what people’s constitutional rights are for. We will reach the best course of action when it is of our own informed choosing, rather than forced upon us by the state government.

After all, it is a free country—for now. 

Charles Peabody


Use Lottery money for medical supplies


In this time of crisis, when medical staff are begging for the necessary equipment to fight the COVID-19 virus, why are we not tapping into the Arizona State Lottery coffers for money to purchase these necessary items. 

In the end, all people will be winners.

Charles Patton


Happy to help


Lots of news lately about the “Biden issue.” Initially Democrats didn’t want him—but with Bernie as the only other contender left standing—suddenly the Dems love Biden. But there is a problem to overcome...Biden.

One tactic in the Dem playbook that is used quite often and many times is successful: Never let a crisis go to waste. Seems to me the Dems have three major goals to keep in mind:

Replace Biden as nominee.

Placate all factions of the party. 

Keep the base happy.

When a sexual allegation against Biden popped up some time ago, it was quite effectively hushed up and ignored. However, evidence is surfacing, and the allegation is gaining traction. 

Come on Dems, you know what to do—reluctantly investigate, find it credible and schedule news conferences. Party hierarchy takes to the mic and announces that in light of this serious allegation, they feel compelled to take the moral high ground. 

They will replace Biden with a female (or two). Who? Doesn’t matter. In this situation, anatomy is more important than identity.

#MeToo movement support goes into overdrive; party factions happy, and base thrilled to have female/s on the ticket! Of course, there could be a dust-up with the Bernie Bros, but it will fizzle.

Voila! Problem solved. No need to thank me, Democrats. Happy to help.

Lynne Cole