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In the dark


What’s the problem?

Why are the citizens of Goodyear kept in the dark as to why the Goodyear Police chief was terminated?  As citizens and voters, we should have the right to know.

Robert Hover


Eat more plants


The end-of-year/New Year holidays seem to whiplash us from one extreme to the other. Eat, drink and be merry vs. the customary New Year’s resolutions: reduce social media, reduce weight and embrace a plant-based diet.

One-third of consumers already report reducing their consumption of animal foods. Hundreds of schools, colleges, hospitals, and corporate cafeterias have embraced Meatless Monday. Even fast-food chains Chipotle, Denny’s, Panera, Subway, Taco Bell and White Castle are rolling out plant-based options. 

A dozen start-ups, led by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, are creating healthy, eco-friendly, compassionate, convenient, delicious plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. Meat industry giants Tyson Foods, Cargill and Canada’s Maple Leaf Foods have invested heavily in plant-based meat development. So have a number of Microsoft, Google, Twitter and PayPal pioneers.

According to Plant-Based Foods Association, plant-based food sales have grown by 20% in recent years, ten times the growth rate of all foods. Sales of plant-based cheeses, creamers, butter, yogurts and ice creams are exploding at a 50% growth rate. Plant-based milks now account for 15% of the milk market. 

The plant-based New Year’s resolution requires no sweat or deprivation - just some fun exploration of your favorite supermarket, restaurants, and food websites.

Wilfred Wallace

Litchfield Park

Hypocrisy now


Now that the progressives also known as the Democrats have had their time on TV, making their case for impeachment, I am staggered by their hypocrisy. Honestly, I have never in my life seen any spectacle with the hypocrisy of the Impeachment proceedings. 

Here’s why. Virtually every progressive aka Democrat  on the committee,  in making their case for impeachment,  quoted the founding fathers. You know Hamilton, Jefferson, Washington, etc. They also pontificated that it was about the Constitution. They said it was their duty to protect the Constitution. How sanctimonious does that sound?

Nancy Pelosi, in particular, said she prays for the President. She also said that she was a proud Catholic. Really, a proud Catholic and an abortionist at the same time?  

Here’s the truth in a nutshell. The founding fathers are all turning over in their graves. 

Here’s another thing. All of the Democrats on the committee kept referring to our democracy  Hear me well all of you progressives. The United States of America is not, and never was a democracy. The founders gave us a republic. The words are not synonymous. There is a big difference between those two forms of government. It is true that progressives would love to degrade our republic into a democracy. They have been trying to do so ever since FDR was President.  

May they never succeed. God Bless America and President Trump.

Roy Azzarello


Humane Society


 I just wanted to remind everyone that the Humane Scorecard 2019 is out and available to the public. The Humane Society Legislative Fund publishes an annual Humane Scorecard of Congress to give you a snapshot of every federal legislator’s record on animal protection issues. If this is something important to you, I strongly recommend viewing how our Arizona representatives voted on either a checkmark in support of animal welfare or an x as a no support.

 This report does list all states but scroll down and you will see Arizona. For myself, it tells me a lot about a person on how they respond to ending animal abuse when it’s time to decide. I think we can all agree that abuse of any kind is not OK. Please, even if you don’t care all that much, since you may not have owned a pet, I hope you at least believe to do no harm, including voting for people who also choose to protect and end the unnecessary pain inflicted on animals. See:

Bianca De Pina

Litchfield Park

Wrong on trial


 A writer stated that the evidence used in Trump’s impeachment trial is hearsay and implies that it is therefore tainted. The writer is wrong on all counts. 

There has not yet been an impeachment trial. That will take place in the Senate. The hearings held in the House of Representatives were not a trial but rather analogous to a Grand jury indictment that produced charges known as Articles of Impeachment.

Hearsay in most instances is perfectly good evidence and used all the time in trials.  Every time a witness is asked to state their name, their response is technically hearsay. I only know my name because my parents told me that it is my name. I have no independent knowledge other than what I have been told and that is true for all of us.  

One exception to the hearsay rule is that it is admissible if the first-hand testimony is not available due to being withheld. In this case. The president has forbidden people with relevant knowledge from testifying and thus withheld evidence. Withholding evidence and then complaining that the evidence obtained is not of the best quality is a bit like murdering your parents and requesting leniency because you are an orphan.

I hope that when the Senate conducts Trump’s impeachment trial that they will call those witnesses who have so far been prevented from testifying, however, the testimony presented to date has met all of the requirements for admissibility.

Eileen Fein