Impeachment Cartoon

Roads are unsafe in Arizona


I sent this to our senator and our governor.

I have a huge concern regarding our safety on the freeways.  

Arizona should be following other state laws regarding trucks, motor homes and trucks towing trailers. They should not be allowed to travel in the left lanes. It’s putting all citizens at high risk as our freeways are the least safe. 

I travel the freeways throughout our Valley every day and drive approximately 300 miles per day (I’m in the construction industry). 

Cars are going in and out of lanes due to the above-mentioned vehicles that are traveling in the left lanes, including carpool lanes and going below speed limits, which is creating an extremely unsafe travel conditions. 

I’ve read the laws regarding this, yet it’s not being enforced. How many people need to die before this changes and is enforced? Perhaps the message should be on our light-up signs on our freeways?

I grew up in Southern California and moved to Arizona five years ago. I traveled the entire So Cal freeways for 26 years in sales and never got into an accident until I moved here. Here, I’ve been rear-ended three times, due to trucks and distracted drivers. 

I’ve never felt as unsafe as I do traveling our freeways. 

It’s time to take action and get these vehicles to remain in the right two lanes and get people off their phones. 

I voted for you and I expect you and our governor to take action to ensure our safety. 

Lucy Baker 

Litchfield Park

Martha needs our help


Sen. Martha McSally is getting her butt kicked by outside dark money, running ads on local television, criticizing her for her votes on health care.

These ads, sponsored by dark money organizations, possibly have ties to George Soros. Everyone knows that billionaire Soros supports socialist candidates in an attempt to destroy America.

The ads claim that McSally does not support coverage of pre-existing conditions for senior citizens. That claim is patently false. They are trying to scare seniors. Shame on those lying charlatans. 

As far as I am concerned, Col. McSally is doing a very good job representing Arizona residents in the U.S. Senate. If she is to retain her seat, she needs financial help. Currently, she is being blown out of the water by lots of outside dark money, supporting false ads against her. She does not have the financial resources to defend herself. Not good.

To make things worse, the Republican National Committee is not providing her much air cover. So, if you care, please help her out now.

Seems as though her opponent will be former astronaut Capt. Scott Kelly. His claim to fame is that he is married to Gabby Giffords. What happened to Giffords was tragic. However, I don’t know what qualifications Kelly has, but being married to Giffords should not necessarily make him a good senator.

Kelly is a big anti-gun fanatic. That position is not in line with Arizona values.

So, I ask the readers, why vote for a captain, when you can vote for a colonel who has been a jet fighter combat veteran in defense of our nation? Makes no sense, to vote for Kelly. Does it?

Roy Azzarello


What impeachment really means


Well, people, here are a few things to consider during this sham of an impeachment trial. I’m pretty sure Pelosi’s scheme is to overthrow the whole Trump administration so she will become president. If she actually accomplishes this, we’ll have a 79-year-old dingbat for president, who gave a new meaning to the word idiot. She’s most likely trying to accomplish this before the 2020 election because this is the only way for “Democraps” to get back in the White House. Every Democrat running for president so far couldn’t get elected for class president in a kindergarten class. To them, it’s more important to kill the goose who laid the golden egg who rebuilt our economy to the best in over a half-century with his hands in the handcuffs the “Democraps” put on him. 

Imagine for a minute how great President Trump could have done miraculously reshaping our country and economy with the help of Congress—the same Congress that was tied up for three years of witch-hunting while all the time receiving their nice taxpayer checks for not doing a thing for the American people.

While Congress went on long holiday breaks, President Trump stayed in the White House working on his next project. When his USMCA deal was passed, Pelosi tried to take credit for it when she didn’t do a thing but hold it back from being voted on. Phase one of the new China Trade Agreement was signed by all parties. It was a historic event that will make trade with China more balanced and hopefully stop or limit the Chinese from stealing our intellectual property that has gone on for many years. That advanced their technology tremendously to bring them into the 21st century.

We don’t need a 79-year-old dingbat running the country, nor a 78-year-old former vice president who is corrupt, nor a 77-year-old communist/socialist who wants to turn America into the former USSR, where he spent his honeymoon. The younger generation is the hope for America, but the present selection of Democrats running for the presidency is like having a choice between bankruptcy of America with all of their “free stuff” and the present economy of Venezuela and Cuba.

James Logan


Is Trump mistreated?


Irrational Trumppets conveniently forget truths and rationalize bad behaviors. Mr. Azzarello thinks God intervened in our 2016 elections. The CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Justice Department, House and Senate Intelligence Committees, all say the Russian’s interfered in the 2016 elections. 

Mr. Azzarello, God had nothing to do with it. To think God would actually elevate Trump to lead people is a very scary and startling statement to make. We should all be afraid when people make such statements.

Trump has been subjected to more vicious personal attacks than anyone? Two words: President Obama. There’s a whole list of unprovoked personal attacks toward him from the Republicans. There can’t be anything more vicious and personal than attacking someone because of their color or their name (everyone knows that is where it all stemmed from). They tried to “destroy” him. That’s your own word used when describing what progressives do when they don’t like someone. 

Unlike President Obama, Trump has been the one dishing out vicious attacks, so of course people are going to respond. There are so many instances of childish name-calling (including to dangerous leaders of other countries), making fun of handicapped, talking about crimes he did/could do, and you think Trump is so mistreated? Again, the conservative, Bible-thumping, irrational Republicans are spouting off their alternate realities. Of course, when the news media reports the truth, Republicans attack. They have to if they want to continue to be in Trump’s favor. Party before country, after all! Trump has no loyalty to your party, only to himself. He will turn on anyone if it benefits himself. Even Fox News has at times be attacked by him.

There is no use debating crazy, but we can make sure the truth is heard as often as the conservative, Bible-thumping Republicans spout their lies. No, Mr. Azzarello, God had nothing to do with any of this.  The narcissistic, egotistical, deranged Trump did, and you and many others are allowing him to get away with it. So just who is more dangerous to our country—Trump or those that blindly follow him? I will give you a hint. It’s not Trump.

Mike Getz


Civil War is becoming a way of life


President Trump’s political enemies have vowed to “fundamentally transform America.” They foolishly believe only one person stands between them and the actualization of this dystopia dream: our nation’s top leader. This nutty notion explains the rapid spread of that highly infectious TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Just one gutsy patriot, a political “outsider” no less, had the moxie to stand in the breach and challenge the alt-left ominous schemes. Mr. Donald J. Trump offered tens of millions of Americans a viable alternative: instead of transforming America, why not “restore” her? 

MAGA became the foundation. Being a builder by occupation, restoration was a natural fit for him. Now, just a few years later, President Trump no longer stands alone.

This ongoing civil war is not about just one man, folks, but all about our American way of life.

Believe it.

Ken Williams