Labor Day Weekend

Obama’s real legacy


When Barack Obama became president, he said he wanted to fundamentally transform America.  He succeeded on a dangerous scale. The damage he and his administration did to this country is immeasurable. Obama had a vice grip on the law and intelligence departments. His administration authored scandals like “Fast & Furious,” which put guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. It used the IRS to target conservative organizations, it spied on journalists and other media members and it abused law enforcement powers to punish political opponents and expand its power. And, as it became clear, it spied on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Obama’s administration attempted to stop Mr. Trump’s campaign to win the Republican primary election. Later it made a treasonous attempt to overthrow his presidency! That plot continues to this day. It stirred up racial strife and encouraged a cultural and moral decline.

During Obama’s second term, Peter Strzok, chief counterespionage officer at the FBI, led the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, and also the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. At the same time, he was having an “affair” with a colleague named Liza Page. During both investigations the two exchanged text messages that revealed a sinister double standard: a clear bias in Clinton’s favor and against Trump.

Their texts also revealed that White House officials, including President Obama, were seriously interested in the investigations and directed them. Just a few days after the Trump-Russia investigation began, Strzok texted someone at a meeting, “The White House is running this.” On September 2, 2016, as the FBI was filing reports about the Clinton e-mail investigation, Page texted Strzok, “POTUS” wants to know everything we are doing.” Thus, they had the backing of the highest office in the land.

Every American should be alarmed by this! The justice department, including the FBI, is duty bound to be impartial. FBI officials are to uphold the standards of the bureau and apply the law equally and justly, not use their power to alter politics.

On January 5, 2017, just days before Trump’s inauguration, Obama gathered his top intelligence leaders to discuss how to continue the investigation into Trump even after he took office!   Just before Mr. Trump’s inauguration, the Obama administration obtained a new court warrant for 90 more days of spying. The CIA looks for terrorists overseas. However, more recently, it has been looking for terrorists in the Trump administration, accusing the U.S. president of being a Russian agent.

When Trump came to office, nearly all of these powerful intelligence agencies were being used against him. The entire investigation into Mr. Trump was based on a fraudulent, unverified dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton. The Obama administration used the phony dossier to rally the media and radical Democrats. It was an attempt to somehow overturn the election and overthrow the president! It was treason of the highest kind! The Obama White House weaponized these federal agencies.

Joe Biden recently told The View that in his eight years of serving with Obama as vice president, he is most proud of the fact that there was not even “one single whisper of scandal.” Yet those eight years were filled with scandal! Worst of all, they were laying the ground work to overthrow their successor. They wanted to overthrow the law and government of the land. Robert Mueller, along with his cadre of unelected, extremely biased lawyers, attempted to overthrow the man who received the votes of 63 million people. That is treason!

The media is supposed to help and constrain such abuses of power. But the mainstream media was fully complicit in this treasonous plot. Those federal agencies could never have pulled off what they did without the mainstream media’s fervent support. They had a political agenda in lockstep with Barack Obama. These people are treasonous to their own country!

That is Obama’s legacy.

DJ Hammond



Democrats headed for bankruptcy


Today both major parties, Republicans and Democrats, are careening toward bankruptcy. The Democrats are headed toward philosophical bankruptcy by their sharp turn to the left (free stuff for everyone) and are making their candidates unelectable. Republicans, on the other hand, are careening toward moral bankruptcy by their refusal to publicly censure President Trump’s improper and sometimes immoral personal behavior.

This looks like an opportunity for Libertarians. Michigan Rep. Justin Amash is the most consistently Libertarian member of Congress. He should re-register Libertarian and run for president. He can show the country what a true believer in limited government, combined with a man of impeccable character, can accomplish.

Roy Miller


The race card


When the race card gets played over and over and over again, you know the other side is winning. You can’t be intellectually honest by repeating the same lie in your sleep, in person and online. The lie, of course, is that Donald Trump is a racist. Think about it. If Donald Trump is a racist simply because you’re upset Hillary Clinton lost the election what feels like a lifetime ago, why was one of her most important mentors Sen. Robert Byrd? Now, that man was a racist. Look it up. And the gall of Barack Obama. He gave the eulogy at his funeral for crying out loud. Trying to find common sense with how Democrats relate to race in America is like that “Seinfeld” episode when George thought the solution to all his problems was just to do the opposite thing.

As an American, you have some explaining to do when your best-winning argument to anything that smells conservative is that Donald Trump is a racist. And to think their alleged “mere winning” argument is even better. That is, the mere fact that if you voted for Donald Trump that alone makes you a racist. The hits just keep coming. If you support anything he says, you’re a racist. If you like even one of his tweets, you’re a racist. Heck, if you put any stock in what the Hollywood brain trust thinks, if you don’t believe Donald Trump is the Devil himself, you’re a racist. Never mind what in the world has happened to Robert De Niro after he allowed an illogical hatred of our president to eat him up alive like bad sushi from a corner gas station refrigerator.

It just doesn’t make any sense to hate a fellow human being more than love what you are doing with your own life. Blind hate and blind idolatry are twin evils in this regard. Those who hate Donald Trump 24/7 and wish the day actually consisted of 48/14 so they can hate on him even more are devaluing their own lives. Do you want to be remembered more for the love you spread in the world or your own chosen hate of someone you will never meet? For those who love Donald Trump to the point that he can do or say no wrong and is our only answer, you too need to get your head examined. He is a man of skin and bone and bleeds red like the rest of us. And this will not change, no matter how many times you post something true or false about him over and over and over on social media.

Words have both intent and consequence, not to mention a sense of history. In the past, if someone called you a racist it could severely damage you for life, especially if it were true. These days, if anyone and everything is racist, this does a disservice to real racism victims in the past, present and future. It is worth noting that if you see absolutely everything through the prism of skin color, you may indeed be a walking and talking definition of what it means to engage in, well, racism. Things have gotten so perverse that in some circles a black man or black woman is no longer black if they simply vote Republican. Identity politics have never been more toxic than right about now.

So what’s the solution?  Do we give in to the lie that if you voted for Donald Trump and/or plan on voting for him again you’re a racist? Absolutely not. It’s not right that some people are given the luxury of popping off at the mouth unquestioned while the rest of us bow our heads down to the altar of political correctness, hoping this isn’t how things are going to be from now on. No, I don’t think so. You better check yourself. Personally, I’m not the one who cowers and says, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

Perhaps Tomi Lahren, author of the smart and sassy new book “Never Play Dead: How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable,” sums where we are best when she writes, “Trump won because he’s not a traditional Republican. He didn’t need to play to a team. He plays for the American people. Other Republicans, however, lose every time they stop standing up for themselves. They bow to the left and let them set the rules of the game. John McCain was the candidate I supported, even though I was too young to vote in the 2008 election, and Mitt Romney was the first candidate I voted for, so I watched both of these elections very closely. Why did they lose? Because they apologized! Both Romney and McCain apologized for being Republican, they apologized for being conservative, they apologized for being white and they apologized for being men. Don’t apologize for the truth, which also means that you don’t back down if you know that your intentions are honest and pure.”

Tony Zizza


All Republicans

are racist


Over the last several years, the Democrats have weaponized the word “racist” to achieve political outcomes. Interestingly, that ploy seems to work well for them.

The word “racist” has lost all meaning. When the left uses that word against someone, it just means they cannot win the debate in the court of public opinion. They use that word to shut down opposing voices. I am sick of that ploy and I am calling out the left for being so dishonest and despicable — right here, right now!

Turn on CNN or MSNBC. Those networks, both political arms of the Democratic Party, will use the word “racist” more times than any other word to describe Republicans.

Not surprising. The Democrats have absolutely nothing to offer the American people. They have no economic plan. They have no foreign policy plan. They have no original ideas. What they do have is calling the other guys racists. That’s it. Nothing else. All Republicans are racists, all the time.

That is their agenda for America. That will probably be their entire seven-word platform at their 2020 convention. They are betting that if they weaponize that word “racist” often enough, they can win the election. Now that is definitely delusional thinking!

Ivanka Trump is being called a racist for buying her daughter a white dog with blue eyes. No joke. Google it.

Nancy Pelosi called Trump a racist for criticizing Elijah Cummings. Trump’s criticism had absolutely nothing to do with race, and Pelosi knows that. But, of course, Pelosi plays the race card. Why? Because that’s all the Democrats have! They have nothing else!

That’s their plan. Nobody likes to be called a racist. So call people racist, and that will shut them up quickly. Even though a person does not deserve to be called a racist, call them that anyway. Pretty smart, especially when you have absolutely nothing else to offer the American people!

Roy Azzarello