Trump’s lies


Is President Trump a liar? Is the Pope a Catholic (like me)? Yes, obviously. Should we care that our nation’s leader often does not tell the truth? Apparently some people don’t care what kind of person Trump is as long as the economy is doing well and people of color are kept under control.

The Washington Post has noted over 10,000 lies by Trump in less than three years. Politifact scores Trump’s checked remarks as 16% true and 70% false, with 14% half-true. Here are some of his recent prevarications, canards and untrue statements:

• “Dems want immunity for illegal aliens who have committed horrible crimes.” False. Dems want criminal aliens imprisoned.

• “U.S. farmers are receiving $28 billion out of the tariffs we’ve gotten from China.” False. China doesn’t pay the tariffs — U.S. businesses and consumers do.

• “Rep. Ocasio-Cortez called our country ‘garbage.’” False. She said some of Trump’s policies were “not much better than garbage.”

• “When the crowd chanted, ‘Send her back,’ I tried to stop them.” False. Watch the video — he made no effort to stop them.

• “I know many of our social media posts have been blocked.” False. No evidence of that; millions of people see his posts.

• “Pres. Obama had the same separation policy that I have.” False. Families were seldom separated under Obama and rarely for more than three weeks.

• “The United Kingdom is our largest trading partner — not many people know that.” False. The United Kingdom is No. 5; China is No. 1.

• “California admitted there were a million illegal votes there in 2016.” False. There is no evidence of voter fraud there or in other states. His own commission didn’t find fraud.

• “In the old days, if the economy was good a president was immune from criticism.” False. That would be news to Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Clinton, et al.

• “My father was born in Germany.” False. He was born in New York City.

Donald Trump is a lying, deceitful and amoral person who is selling America’s soul.

John Flynn



2008 recession blame


A recent letter by Mr. Flynn blamed the 2008 recession on “Republican policies.” No proof of his accusation was provided. His claim is contradicted by a consensus of many financial experts who believe no specific entity or person was responsible for this crisis.

In their opinion, the recession was a collective failure of government agencies, commercial entities and individuals who irresponsibly managed or participated in the regulated government-sponsored enterprises named Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. A partial list of culprits included the feds, Congress, HUD, the treasury, CBO, Wall Street, mortgage lenders, both political parties, homebuyers, credit agencies and scores of individuals. Unbelievably, some financial institutions paid employees huge bonuses and also contributed to various congressional campaigns. So, greed played a role, too.

The groundwork that eventually led to the 2008 recession originated with a proposal to help low-income families buy homes during President Carter’s administration. To implement this, Congress passed the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977 to encourage banks and thrift institutions to make home loans to minorities and low- to moderate-income workers. Since it worked well on a small scale, it was expanded by President Clinton in 1994, when government agencies broadened instructions to help banks and mortgage lenders further ease credit qualifications and reduce loan discrimination. These changes were also successful, as they helped grow the economy and definitely increased home purchases for low-income buyers. Reference: “Policy Statement on Discrimination in Lending,” dated April 15, 1994. In 2002, President Bush also supported this expansion. Both documents are available on Google.

After the burst, many questioned how this pending disaster could have gone undetected for so many years. The general conclusion was the procedures were very complex and those responsible didn’t recognize any problems until it was too late. Even when some potential regulatory irregularities were suspected in 2003, 2005 and 2006, the Republican Congress held hearings, but no changes were made. In fact, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) declared, “I do not think we are facing any kind of crisis.” And Sen. Thomas Carper (D-Delaware) stated, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” (Review these congressional hearings on C-Span.) Also, see Sen. McCain’s letter from May 5, 2006, warning, “If effective regulatory reform legislation is not enacted this year, taxpayers will be exposed to enormous risks if the market fails.” His letter was erndorsed by 19 Republicans but no Democrats, including then-Sen. Obama. Consequently, no Senate action was taken. Nor was any action taken in 2007 when the Democrats took over Congress.

In 2009, Congress appointed a bipartisan committee of 10 nongovernment financial experts to determine what went wrong. The committee, named the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, concluded in a 545-page report issued on January 25, 2011, that this crisis was actually avoidable and was caused by:

1. Widespread failures in government management and financial regulation

2. Dramatic breakdowns in corporate governance, with too many firms acting recklessly, taking too much risk

3. An explosive mix of excessive borrowing and risk by households and Wall Street

4. Ill-prepared policymakers who lacked a full understanding of the financial system they oversaw

5. Systematic breaches of accountability and ethics violations at all levels

6. Grossly erred ratings and assessments of risky loans by credit agencies.

Unfortunately, these details never received much coverage by the press.

In conclusion, the No. 1 cause for the housing bubble collapse in 2008 was too many loans being given to too many people who couldn’t make payments on their mortgages, resulting in mass foreclosures on millions of homes. Getting to this stage was a slow process, as briefly outlined in previous paragraphs.

Nyle Neumann



Please don’t shout


Demeaning President Trump’s supporters only strengthens their resolve. Hateful name-calling falls on deaf ears. And juvenile “shaming” is so, well, shameless.

Want to reach us? Talk real issues. Patiently explain to us why abortion-on-demand, high taxes, no national borders, a downsized military, a disarmed citizenry, multiculturalism (tribalism) and political correctness are all good things for America.

The new tactic? Be polite; don’t shout.

Ken Williams



Democratic Party becoming irrelevant


Someone once commented that she liked my letters, but she wished I would try writing a positive one sometimes. OK, here goes.

A few weeks ago, while my wife and I were standing in line at the Walmart merchandise exchange window, I had a unique experience, which made my day. It was dynamic and positive.

A middle-aged black female was standing just ahead of me in the line. Suddenly, she turned around, smiled, looked at me and without saying a word, extended her arm and gave me a high-five. Of course, I reciprocated the high-five and said, “I know why you just did that. You like my MAGA hat, correct?” She quickly and energetically replied, with a big smile on her face, “I love my country, and I love President Trump.” She continued, “When you leave the store today, if you notice a car in the lot with Trump stickers plastered all over it, well, that’s my car.” Wow. I was speechless.

By this time, most if not all of the others in line, were standing and watching us in amazement. The woman then told me she is a Republican precinct worker. She showed me photos on her cellphone of her with state Republican leaders, whose pictures I recognized. I thanked her and told her to keep up the good work.

So, to all of you Democrats out there, a word of warning: Your party has held black people in bondage in big cities since the Great Depression. Your party has them beholden to all your freebies and subsidies, relying on their sure vote to stay in power. Guess what? Those days are almost over.

God bless African Americans who are starting to reject your handouts for an opportunity to become part of the great American dream. They are wising up. They are demanding opportunity, not subsidies! If this trend continues — and it certainly should — soon your Democratic Party will be irrelevant.

Roy Azzarello



Scramblers cartoon/word puzzle


First, I’m your standard, ordinary, happily married, heterosexual male. Maybe soon we’ll get an alphabet designation (e.g., OHMHM). Anyway, I say that lest you think I have a built-in bias as it relates to my complaint: that your scramblers cartoon consistently puts down women. The creator (he, it or other) must be a misogynist (a bad choice).

Its weekly subject perpetuates the standard negative behavior traits unjustly assigned to women.

August 14 hit on cooking, a few weeks ago. It was something about a paycheck going to pay the wife’s auto repair bill, and so it goes. They’re not just occasional but repeating, week after week. It’s a pattern.

It’s hardly trivializing “political correctness” (which I recognize has permeated our society to the point of absurdity in some instances) to ask you to intervene. This is just plain, simple awareness — 

“whose ox is being gored?” Must women be the punch line for all of these scramblers?

Anyway, View, for all your preaching on the editorial page — clean up your own house.

Richard Hinkel



Trump didn’t

cause shootings


Like all liberals, in my humble opinion, John Flynn’s got it wrong. Trump has his faults, but he is making progress on dealing with the problems “regular politicians” have created and never tried to fix. His rhetoric is not responsible for the mass shootings. Maybe the left’s constant spewing of lies and hatred of our president is the cause. Wait a minute. That’s not possible. It can only be our president’s telling the truth in simple English that causes problems. It can’t be the left's followers harassing people in restaurants and airports or exploiting lies about ICE.

The thousand people murdered in America each month, per his quote, aren’t because of President Trump, and neither are mass shootings. The guy who did the Ohio mass shootings was a liberal and spewed the liberal philosophy. I noticed CNN and the other leftwing news media never mentioned that. Just that the El Paso shooter was a rightwing kinda guy.

The problem, sir, is not political. It is the fact that of all shootings, the mass majority, are done by boys/men who did not have a father in the home (recent study released; I don’t remember the particulars).

Also, of those thousand folks killed, most of them were killed in Democrat-run cities and states.  You cannot argue with that fact. In reality, if those cities and states were suddenly run by Republicans, I don’t know what the rightwing politician could do to stop a culture that has more kids running amok with one-parent families — usually a woman trying to keep them straight.

Trump is now getting flack for gathering up illegals and busting the businesses that hire them for cheap labor. Hardcore? You bet. President Trump is enforcing laws written and approved by Congress many decades ago. Other presidents — Democrats and Republicans — didn’t have the intestinal fortitude (guts) to start protecting American citizens’ jobs.

We don’t need a different message from our duly-elected president; we need more messages of the same to save our country. You think Biden, Sanders, Warren or Harris are interested in the United States of America and its citizens? Open borders, free college, free medical care, free, free, free, and raise taxes on middleclass people? Nothing is free, my leftwing friends — absolutely nothing.

All we see in the news is the leftwing side of the story: socialism. I said this before in a letter: AOC and her ilk will not sway this country. America will not be a socialist nation. Folks who like all this free stuff can move to Venezuela, Cuba or any other commie- or socialist-run nation. Go, man, go now. Collect your free stuff. Enjoy!

God bless America.

Walter B. Dillon


Another vote against Nike


I read the letter from Ronnie Quillen and totally agree with him. Why should our city support a company that takes advice from a washed-up quarterback, and who obviously doesn’t check his facts? The NAACP among other organizations disagrees with him about the Betsy Ross flag being racist. The mayor and city council should remember we voted them in, and as the voters we have the final word on what should be in our city or not. They were elected to represent us, not rule us. Let Nike go somewhere else. I would say where, but this is a family publication.

Samuel Diamond


BLM going into 

target shooting range business


The Bureau of Land Management restricts recreational uses like camping, off-road vehicles and campfires on all the public lands they manage. But they allow “disbursed recreational target shooting” on 97% of their land. You only have to travel a few yards into BLM-managed lands to see the bullet-riddled evidence of disbursed recreational target shooting strewn across the landscape. Now, BLM wants to get into the “concentrated recreational target shooting” business by constructing five target shooting range microsites on the suburban fringe of the Phoenix area. The taxpayer cost for these target shooting areas will be about $2 million each, give or take a few hundred thousand dollars.

A few years ago, BLM designated a recreational target shooting area just north of the city of Buckeye. They “managed” the area with a few regulatory signs, which were quickly shot full of bullet holes. Shooters of all types flocked to the area, shooting up everything in sight and leaving tons of trigger trash in their wake. A fiber-optic transmission line carrying vital 911 communications was severed more than 40 times by bullets, high-power electric transmission line insulators were shot to pieces and exploding Tannerite targets rattled windows of nearby residential neighborhoods 24 hours a day. Homes, school yards, businesses, traffic on I-10 and anyone who was out recreating within stray bullet range of the BLM target shooting area was in danger of being shot. On January 14, 2018, a young expectant mother out ATV riding a mile from the target shooting area was killed by a stray bullet. Two innocent lives were lost.

Combined city, county, state and federal law-enforcement operations around the BLM target shooting area were increased and netted numerous felons in possession of firearms, illegal or altered firearms, wanted felons, drug traffickers and gang members. The BLM eventually closed the area while infrastructure repairs were being conducted, and EPA lead assessments and clean-up could be made in preparation to ceding the land to the city of Buckeye. As that process completes, the entire area is closed to recreational use of any kind.

Now, BLM wants to double down on their mismanagement by concentrating target shooters into five or more inadequately planned, poorly or nonregulated, mismanaged and unsecured shooting ranges. Since “disbursed recreational target shooting” will still continue on the rest of BLM’s land, the only advantage the edge of town BLM target ranges will provide is that drug traffickers, gang members and other criminals will have a shorter commute to gun-range practice. Those commutes will be through your neighborhoods. If you like that idea, you will get all the trouble you are asking for. If you don’t like the idea, don’t bother to complain to the BLM — they’ve already made up their mind to construct the ranges.

Take a look at this website, (case sensitive), and see what you are in for. Then, call your elected government officials. They all have a position on reducing gun violence and regulating firearms. Some of them might even think it is a bad idea to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on this ridiculous BLM recreational shooting target range project.

Bill Sansom


Bullard Wash


I support/echo the concerns raised by PebbleCreek residents about the flooding of Bullard Wash. And I add a perspective not yet explored by the recent Arizona Republic and West Valley View articles. As residents of Palm Valley — Phase 5, my neighbors and I live just north of PebbleCreek. Our subdivision borders on the city-owned Bullard Wash Park adjoining Falcon Park. We experience the same issues raised by our PebbleCreek neighbors.

Standing water attracts disease-carrying mosquitoes and makes it impossible for the city to properly maintain the public greenbelt. These overgrown wetland areas have changed the ecosystem and have attracted a host of wild animals. The most troubling is the spike in the local coyote population. Residents now encounter coyotes on neighborhood strolls/runs. The coyotes have become brazen, now regularly jumping fences to explore our backyards. Numerous dogs have been attacked. I personally have fended off coyotes at my home several times in the last month. What is particularly concerning is the coyotes don’t seem scared of humans. Despite my yelling, one coyote watched me for a long time before jumping into another neighbor’s backyard. Another day, a coyote came to my back patio and peered into my home through my sliding-glass window.

The flooding of Bullard Wash has also caused serious obstacles for our neighborhood’s students attempting to walk to/from Millennium High School. With the increasingly aggressive coyotes, students could be attacked this winter when they’ll be walking to school before sunrise. The nocturnal coyotes seem to den in the Bullard Wash and may threaten the safety of students.

I have set up a Facebook group to help us organize to find a resolution to the flooding issues:  “Residents Concerned About Bullard Wash Flooding and Aggressive Coyotes.” Please join the group if you are concerned, regardless of where you live.

Claudine Pease-Wingenter


Inconvenient errors


In March of 2006, the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” came out featuring Al Gore and his 10 global forecasts. All the forecasts have proven false (even Snopes refuses to address these idiotic forecasts), with the most egregious being “humanity may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan.” Even a British judge in 2017 found Al’s movie to contain nine “key scientific errors” and not be suitable for educational purposes. Not only has the earth survived, but Mr. Gore, who The Washington Post refers to as “the most renowned crusader on climate change,” has found his “green” business connections to be quite profitable, to the tune of having a current net worth of $350 million, according to The Wealth Record. Indeed, Mr. Gore may become the first “carbon billionaire.” To complement his new lavish lifestyle, Al dumped his wife of 40 years, Tipper, for a newer model.

In 2008, Mr. Gore, predicted the north polar ice caps would melt in five years. Whoops! They are still with us. In 2010, Al bought a 6,500-square-foot house for nearly $9 million in Montecito, California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, which is supposed to be rising dramatically due to climate change. Apparently this shill for the green industry forgot his own dire warnings about rising sea levels. The level of hypocrisy coming from Mr. Gore would even make a socialist blush.

The culprit apparently in all these phony predictions is carbon dioxide, the same gas essential for life on the planet and not a pollutant. The truth is carbon dioxide, or carbon emissions, play little or no role in affecting the climate. In a May 1, 2017, article, Dr. Richard Lindzen, an MIT atmospheric science professor, stated that believing CO2 controls the climate is pretty close to believing in magic. CO2 levels may be increasing, but they still only make up only 0.04% of all atmospheric gases. Other factors like solar activity, ocean temperatures, El Nino and volcanic activity play a much bigger role in affecting the climate. Scientists may agree that CO2 levels are increasing and the earth may be warming, but attributing every severe weather event to manmade warming is fear mongering, dishonest and improvable.

Other past predictions by climate alarmists have something in common with Mr. Gore’s predictions: They were all wrong or wildly exaggerated. On the cover of a 1977 edition of Time Magazine was the caption “The Big Freeze,” regarding the notion of a coming ice age. After the ice age did not happen, other impending doomsday scenarios like mass starvation, no snow, overpopulation and resource depletion were predicted and, of course, have never materialized. In 1971, Paul Ehrich predicted England would no longer exist. Now the IPCC, the climate propaganda arm of the United Nations, has predicted the earth has 12 years left unless drastic action to cut carbon emissions is enforced. The problem is the IPCC has a poor track record of predicting climate change, starting in 1990, when they used dubious computer models and trends to predict extreme weather events.

What is fascinating in all these climate change predictions is that our weather channel folks have trouble predicting the weather next week, but yet we are to believe the climate alarmists who predict what will happen in 5, 10, 15 or 80 years out? Those who believe and promote this fake science have made Al Gore a very wealthy man.

Igor Shpudejko


The building 

of Litchfield Park


I was reviewing the new Litchfield Park City Center guidelines on the Litchfield Park website. I see where you want to build four parking garages, 260 apartments contained in two-three story buildings and a movie theatre. The property is owned by Litchfield Park. This is the council’s decision.

The only question I ask is why are you building these?

I know the additional apartments are a tremendous revenue stream for Councilman Mahoney’s three restaurants, but are they best for Litchfield Park?

Why are you destroying the uniqueness that is Litchfield Park? People move here because of the large lots, because it’s green, because it’s small and because it’s unique.

They want to build four parking garages containing 1,549 parking stalls.

As of the 2010 Census, Litchfield Park has only 5,746 people. That’s all of Litchfield Park, not just the park. Has the town’s population grown since 2010? Of course it has, but has it grown enough for four parking garages and 260 apartments across 30 acres?

You get my point. Hopefully.

Glendale has one parking garage. For 246,709 people. Across 62 square miles.

You want to put in a movie theatre when U.S. theatre ticket sales have declined by 6% year over year. A new movie theatre is a Palm Valley cinema waiting to happen.

Mayor Schoaf, you state, and I quote, “The City Center needs to be a place where kids can feel safe walking to and around without traffic conflicts.” Do 260 apartments, four parking garages and the traffic they will bring make children feel safe as they walk to/from Litchfield Elementary School?

Carefree Partners, who is responsible for the building of this concrete jungle, states, “Our goal is to express and enhance Litchfield Park’s unique social and cultural character in the downtown.”

Two hundred and sixty apartments and four parking garages may be Carefree Partner’s goal, but I can guarantee you it’s not the residents of Litchfield Park’s goal.

Greg Morehead

Litchfield Park