Listen to the ‘other side’


I don’t know. Those of you who remain Trump haters and only view/listen to leftist/Democrat party zealots and spokesmen such as CNN, MSNBC, PBS, etc. and only read the paper or online versions of the NY Times, Washington Post, the Atlantic, and the like (of which there are many more) folks remind me of the three monkeys who have their hands clasped over eyes, ears and mouth—see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. 

Except, by not opening your eyes and ears to the truth, the reality of the real evil is being perpetrated on you — on our nation and constitution — by the Democrats who relish power and domination. You, my fellow Americans, whose eyes and ears are closed to the truth, are risking freedom and liberty—especially for our future generations. 

Think about this. The whole purpose of ginning up a Jan. 6 crisis and recently the unlawful raid at Mar-a-Lago and all the other manufactured crises (remember the now proven-to-be untrue Russian collusion hoax?) is to always have Americans reacting to conjecture and false or unproven claims. 

They keep people’s attention off the real issues of inflation, worsening crime, not prosecuting criminals and repeat offenders, the open border with millions of illegal, unvetted immigrants flooding the country, homelessness, war spending with Ukraine, weakening our military and our supplies, sending our oil overseas, the takeover threats of China, the corruption in our current government administration and White House, Hunter Biden atrocities, the president’s mental and physical decline causing incompetency and not being fit for the job, just to name a few. 

Ponder this, did Donald Trump ever:

1. Pass a massive spending, taxation and climate change bill, which also weaponized the IRS in the old Lois Lerner fashion and have the audacity to name and advertise it “The Inflation Reduction Bill”? or 

2. Take the FBI and use it to go after Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton’s residences?  or

3. Go into the Department of Justice to collude a hoax against a former president and probable opponent in an upcoming election to continue a discredit campaign to prevent that opponent from becoming a candidate? and finally

4. Did any people who ever worked for Trump lie four times to a federal investigator and continue to lie repeatedly to media and the nation like former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe? Or like former FBI Director Comey who bragged about his lies and preferential treatment of Hillary Clinton concerning her unauthorized and unsecured home government computer server that was hacked by the Chinese (and who knows else?), plus the 30K+ destroyed emails that implicated her guilt, plus her destroying computer hardware and cellphones to hide culpability?

Well, it is not too late to save our nation from the tyranny of the current progressive Democrat Party and what it is doing to harm and move our country to a one-party, overarching, dominating authoritarian government. Open your eyes and ears to what the real evil is out there. Look for those who speak the truth. Hey, I dare you to listen to only Fox News for one solid week — just to get “the other side,” or what I call a real dose of truth.

Susan Hewitt, Goodyear


Uneasy feeling


Watching President Biden’s menacing speech on Sept. 1 in Philadelphia, one got an uneasy feeling that the country is headed for calamity. 

With an unprecedented, blood-red backdrop that included two Marines, the eerie setting for the speech reminded some folks of other leaders who frequently used dark backgrounds when ranting about their enemies. 

Saying that “Donald Trump and MAGA (Make America Great Again) Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic” is itself extreme. Did he just declare war on all Trump supporters? By calling MAGA supporters semi-fascists and enemies of the republic one would think so. Is pitting American neighbors against each other uniting or dividing?

In a June 23, 2021, speech, President Biden threatened supporters of the Second Amendment by saying “to take on government you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” Wonder if any F-15 pilots are ready to bomb American citizens?

What a president says has far-reaching consequences. Threatening, demeaning and disparaging half the population is a dangerous game that can only end in tragedy for everyone.

Igor Shpudejko, Goodyear


Water saving


I went to the water update meeting and was not surprised when they kept saying we have 100 years before we really have to worry!

They did suggest that we start using water-saving devices and not growing grass in places that are small and can do well with other types of plants. Good idea. On my way to visit my mother what should I see but sod being placed on the northeast corner of Thomas and Avondale Boulevard.

I guess it is a case of do as I say not do as I do! These are the same people who will teach their kids that the government will take care of them when they get old. 

We need to shut off the fountains now not in 100 years! Planning for the bad now puts us ahead of the game! I don’t know but I, for one, don’t want to drink recycled poop water.

Lynda Fiorini, Original Avondale


Pay attention


What does it take to get through to people?

Every year we read in the news about people hiking in the Arizona desert during summer, dying and risking the lives of rescue personnel who they think will rescue them. This past week it was three people from out of state again, who couldn’t figure out that you can’t survive with just three bottles of water when you need a tanker truck of water to follow you on a hike in the middle of summer. 

What does it take for Arizona to advertise that all hikes are canceled during days of 95 or hotter? It’s outrageous to risk the lives of first responders to try to find some fool who actually thinks they can hike miles in 110 heat with a tiny bottle of water. 

Do your hiking only if you want to return home in a coffin and save our first responders for emergencies that are not on hiking trails! They have families who don’t do foolish things like hiking in the desert during high temperatures and we need them for the people who actually think. 

Another 60-year-old woman was rescued from Pacheco Peak. Why do senior citizens from the area think they can survive without rescue personnel in 107 temps? Is it that important to risk the lives of emergency personnel just because you don’t take a tanker truck full of water on your hike? Isn’t it bad enough that hundreds of illegals are found dead in the desert trying to cross the border illegally when they are not just hiking? 

If you want to become a mummy, go hiking in Arizona during summer. Maybe somebody will find you someday. 

James Logan, Buckeye


The recall


March 28 I received a notice in the mail from KIA that the 2016 Sportage that I have taking such good care of is, in fact, a ticking time bomb.  

The notice from KIA stated, “That out of an abundance of caution my car can’t be inside of the garage or near any other cars for that matter and if the red engine light comes on I am to jump out of the car.”

For over four months I have asking the dealership when are they going to get a fix in for my Sportage? Dealership is waiting for corporate to send them the part. KIA Co. headquarters could of smooth my ruffled features with the right kind of informed people answering their phones.

If you can get through to them, the people answering the phones all sound the same. It’s strange. They all talk in a low, slow voice like they don’t want anyone to hear what they are saying. They give me the creeps. I always wanted to own a Mercedes, that being the car my husband’s secretary got in the divorce settlement. May they all rest in peace. I have owned KIA automobiles for the past 25 years. It may be my last.  

Vickie Chelini, Buckeye


One vote


Arizona’s abortion law is not the on-demand, taxpayer funded, crush the baby and rip it out of the “the birthing person’s” womb up until the moment of birth type of abortion called for by pro-abortionists, like Democrat Mark Kelly, but it is law in Arizona, with an equal 46% of AZ voters for or against the law, with 13% undecided.

When it was leaked that the U.S. Supreme Court was considering overturning Roe vs Wade, the Democrats in Washington saw an opportunity to distract Americans from the disastrous failures of the Biden administration, and make the mid-term elections all about abortion.  

Senate Majority Leader, and Mark Kelly’s boss, Chuck Schumer, even stood on the steps of the Supreme Court threatening and attempting to intimidate the justices — which is a federal felony crime, unless you’re a Democrat.  

Schumer, and other Democrats, including Vice President Harris, also incited protestors to demonstrate in front of the Justices homes, another federal felony crime, but only if you are a Republican, as Donald Trump realized after the millions of taxpayer dollars Democrats spent on the Jan. 6. 

Kangaroo court, made for TV, show trial. Mark Kelly, who claims to be a Catholic and who should be opposed to abortion, has attacked Republican senate candidate Blake Masters for his personal religious viewpoint that, opposes killing helpless living babies in the womb, unless the life of the mother, aka “birthing person” is at risk.

Kelly ads also portray grandpa and grandma social security recipients worrying that Masters would privatize Social Security and invest their hard-earned retirement nest eggs in the stock market.  

Truth is that the stock market is doing much better, financially, than the Democrat-controlled government, that has inflated the spending value of a dollar to the worth of monopoly money. Another truth is that Social Security and Medicare trust funds are nothing more than numbers on a U.S. Treasury ledger. Treasury can manipulate those numbers for other programs, and leave IOUs in the Social Security Trust Fund that are backed by monopoly money.  

Social Security is projected to be insolvent by 2037. Maybe Grandpa and grandma won’t need it by then — but their grandkids might.

The Democrat controlled Congress recently signed the $750 billion “Inflation Reduction Act” into law by one senate vote. Kelly voted “Yea.” This act channeled $500 billion into green energy development, and bled Medicare for $300 billion to shore up the struggling Obamacare, and increase health care and other benefits for millions of illegal aliens who, unlike grandpa and grandma, never paid a penny into social security.  

Mark Kelly and the Democrats ignore the damage their policies are doing and want to make this mid-term election all about abortion, and getting Trump before 2024. Really? What about stopping the bleed in this country?  

Runaway inflation, collapsing economy, crime, illegal immigration, buying our energy from our enemies, a federal government controlled by oligarchs like George Soros, and China, that have the Biden administration, and Mark Kelly, in their grip, and are poised to take over this country? Mark Kelly represents just one vote in the U.S. Senate, but he votes with Democrats every time.  Remove him from office, and we can begin to stop the bleed — while we still have a country.

Bill Sansom, Buckeye