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Offended by

Leibowitz’s column


I am deeply offended by the offhand and erroneous opinion written by David Leibowitz in the April 7 issue of the West Valley View.

This attack is not based in fact or even in truth, and this kind of editorial is extremely divisive. Bullying will never get you the results you want. Mr. Leibowitz is apparently unaware that many of the things he thinks are myth are in fact the truth that is being hidden and censored by the press and mainstream media.

Remember, if it’s being slandered or censored, there must be some truth that they do not want to get out.

The people and organizations that he mentions, such as CDC, Mayo Clinic, AMA, American Hospital Association, New York Times and Anthony Fauci, are all in this together.

They are not going to tell you about all of the deaths following the shot. Take a look at the VAERS website for yourself. They will deny a connection to the injection for two reasons: 1) They don’t want autopsies done, because they are afraid to find out the true cause of death, 2) They will only say what they are told to say by the people who really run our health system and who are only concerned about their bottom line.

I am not anti-vax but, rather, pro-vaccine safety. The choice to take the shot or not is a personal decision. It is not to be dictated by shaming, bullying, or anyone who has an ulterior motive to gain power and control over us and, in doing so, gain enormous profits from it.

There has been almost no coverage of the fact that the experimental mRNA gene therapy drugs, never used on humans on a large scale, do not claim to prevent infection or transmission should one be exposed to COVID-19 post-injections. When I tell people this, most of them are not aware of it. They also don’t mention that studies are showing that this gene therapy could potentially cause miscarriages and infertility, yet they are pushing it on pregnant women and those who plan to have children.

They can only claim that this enormously profitable product can reduce some of the symptoms of COVID-19.

We don’t know what caused Hank Aaron to die. He was not morbidly obese and didn’t have any impending, life-threatening illnesses. But it sure seems strange that thousands of very healthy people are dying after the injections with these experimental drugs. Many are already suffering long-term damage to their innate immune systems and health, and there is no turning it off. Your body will continue to make the spike protein that is a pathogen for the rest of your life, years and decades after COVID-19 is a distant memory.

And last, there are many safe, effective and inexpensive treatments and preventative measures. If this information was advertised like the injections, it would have saved thousands of lives and still can. We should all be doing things to support our own innate immune system to handle pathogens such as viruses, germs and bacteria. Staying isolated can also be harmful, as your body needs exposure to become strong. If we are constantly killing the good microbes along with the bad ones, our bodies will have no fight left in it. Is that good?

Brenda Deckard


Progress being made in voting regulations


Gee, Pennsylvania actually is making progress in its voting system since the 2020 election. Look here!

The state of Pennsylvania agreed to remove the names of deceased people from voter rolls, an election-integrity watchdog group announced after reaching a settlement with state officials.

The lawsuit, which was filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation in November 2020, alleged that some 21,000 registrants who had died were still on the state’s voter rolls at the time of the 2020 presidential election. Pennsylvania agreed to compare its voter-registration database with the Social Security Death Index and then direct all county election commissions to remove the names of dead registrants.

You could have knocked me over with a feather that somebody, besides me, realized that thousands of dead people have been voting for years. And they all were Democrats. This seems to be the party that keeps on giving, even after death, ’cause their party won’t allow you to die. 

You just keep voting even a hundred years after you are buried. Is this a great country or what? Is there no end to the tactics that the Democratic Party will use? They wore out witch hunting, so they go to a new phase to make them look worse than they did before. Just look no further than the border that Trump fixed. 

Neither Biden or Kamala has visited the border, and Kamala cackled like a witch when asked if she was going. “Not today!” At almost 80 years, Biden won’t travel more than an hour from the White House, and he can’t figure out where he’s going. 

Kamala won’t fly more than to California on weekends to go back home ’cause it’s work. This nonfunctioning government is just what China smiles at. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

James Logan