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Schools need money


I could not pass up the Letter to the Editor, Oct. 16, question, “when will school districts have enough money?” The answer is never.

I could ask them “When will you have enough money?” Unless you are wealthy or retired, you will continue to have to work for much of your life, and chances are, you cannot live on the same salary you started with a few years ago. Schools are like families. They cannot survive and prosper on the same funding that they had ten or twenty years ago. 

Here is why:

1. Growth: Phoenix and surrounding communities are growing. Already the fifth-largest and one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the US, it stands to reason that more people mean more kids, which leads to the need for new schools.

2. Inadequate funding. Despite last year’s strike, our schools are still some of the poorest funded schools in America. Our teachers are still among the most poorly paid in the nation. There is a major teacher shortage as teachers leave their chosen field because they cannot support their families. Our older schools need major infrastructure repairs; all schools are adjusting to safety concerns. Our class sizes are over the top, try corralling 30 six-year-olds or 35 adolescents in one room. Counselors, teacher’s aides, support staff are short in every district. Yes, all this costs money.

3. Technology: Our schools struggle with keeping up with the latest technology needed to teach our students. No longer are chalkboards and textbooks enough to keep our children competitive with kids from other regions.

4. Public Support: Public schools are totally reliant on public support. They cannot charge or raise tuition like private schools. Few of our schools have high dollar donors, foundations, or private backing. Those kids rely on us, the citizens.

5. Inflation: Finally, everything is more expensive these days. Try finding a home for the price your parents paid years ago or surviving on last year’s grocery budget. Building materials, labor, utilities, teacher supplies, technology, textbooks, insurance all cost more than a few years ago. Schools suffer from inflation just as families do.

Yes, it does seem that schools always need more money. Could you live on what your family made five years ago? So, yes, you are right. It will never stop.

Pamela Gist


Refine the name calling


In this modern era of enforced political correctness, it’s important to continually refine our offensive name-calling. 

Example: An angry progressive letter-writer wrongly referred to tens of millions of his countrywomen/men as “right-wing extremists.” 

The correct term is “pro-American patriots.” 

Ken Williams


Lying, incompetence, etc.


When I spoke of several members of Congress needing to be “impeached,” to me, I didn’t care if they had to go through a formal impeachment as the president. They just need to be kicked out of their offices for lying, incompetence, witch hunting instead of working for the people, holding Democrat-only secret hearings about impeaching the president, which is truly overthrowing the government via the Democrat party only, which is a coup d’etat.  

James Logan