The snakes of March


In his article “Death sentence to his career” concerning former Goodyear Police Chief Jerry Geier’s firing and subsequent appeal, Managing Editor Tom Scanlon confused the Ides of March which is March 15, the day Brutus fatally stabbed Julius Caesar, with March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, the day the snakes were driven out of Ireland. 

But the analogy either to backstabbing or to snakes in a community are apt in this is sordid affair. Police departments consider lying a serious offense. 

Someone is lying and it is certain that, to paraphrase the bard, something’s rotten in Goodyear.

Mary Ann Padglick

Litchfield Park

A safe space for all


Kudos to the West Valley View newspaper for providing a “safe space,” of sorts, in its “Our Readers’ Viewpoints” section. Like it or not, free speech remains protected in our tolerant, diverse America. 

May it always be so.

Ken Williams


Gotta love the

Democrat debate


You gotta “love” those socialist Democrats with their “free stuff.” They are catering to the millennials promising them the moon and giving them the impression that money grows on trees. Somebody better start fertilizing those money trees real soon because Fort Knox can’t pay for all those “goodies.” Free college; pay off all student loans; free child care; Medicare for all; reparations to all relatives of former slaves, who were never slaves themselves five or six generations ago. That’s not all folks! They lost my vote because they haven’t said a word about free nursing homes and assisted living for all. That’s discriminating against old people.

These millennials who are being brain washed into becoming Democrats with promises of so much free stuff that they can’t comprehend that somebody will have to pay for it. They never were on earth when the Iron Curtain was around. They don’t have a clue what communism/socialism did to the people of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. 

I’m sure their schools never mentioned the empty shelves in grocery stores and waiting in long lines to get inside those empty stores and into the soup kitchens. Have you ever eaten borscht three meals a day? 

Then we see the TV political commercials where a reporter asks Bernie Sanders, “Will you increase taxes?” His answer is, “Of course I’ll increase taxes.” The cherry on the cake is that his supporters can’t figure out that if Bernie gets elected—to not feel like you are all of a sudden, a citizen of Cuba—you socialists will have a tax increase the likes of which you couldn’t imagine in four lifetimes. After all, nothing in this world is actually free! 

The stage at the Democrat debates was filled with socialists trying to sway young people to join their cause since they can vote at age 18. They know the minds of 18- to 20-year-old people isn’t fully developed yet. So, let’s feed them a bowl of malarkey and get them to sell their soul to the devil. I had family behind the Iron Curtain for years before the Soviet Union broke up and I know how socialism and communism go hand in hand and they do not work. Only one place on earth where communism prospers is China, but freedom does not have a chance there. 

When you elect a socialist as your leader in America, kiss your rights that you fought for 244 years goodbye. I have been in 30 countries, many of them former communist countries, and I always compared even socialized medicine to the American way of medicine. 

My last trip to Europe, I spent a month traveling in five countries, some former Soviet satellites. I can tell you a few things. Sweden has the best medical care, but Britain’s socialist health care system is probably the worst because people wait up to two years for a MRI, knee implant, hip replacement and many procedures that Americans get daily. Get ready to stand in a long line under socialized medicine because I’m not kidding. 

Let’s hope you won’t need a kidney transplant. It only took Eastern Europe 80 years to get rid of the communist/socialist regimes, and now America wants them? I hate to quote Joe Biden, but “Are you kidding me?” “C’mon man!” Probably the most intelligent words Biden ever said. Excuse me for thinking that Americans were more intelligent. Please prove me wrong! 

James Logan