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Wrong party


On page 7 of the Dec. 25 story  “Arizona representatives take party line on impeachment,”  the  West Valley staff mislabeled Rep. David Schweikert, R-Ariz., as a Democrat. 

Please don’t insult him, he is a Republican. I’m sure many Democrats would have liked to have voted against impeachment but their leadership is insistent on holding on to false allegations. 

As for Rep. Ruben Gallegos, D-Ariz., he is correct, history will be very unkind with a no-confidence vote for him in 2020.

Eleanor Suida

Litchfield Park

Giving thanks


I recently was in Abrazo hospital on an emergency basis. I found this hospital exceptional in their caring, concern for every patient. I had several tests done and in each case, I found such caring, capable people. 

They had wonderful humor which eased my already high anxiety and made things so much easier.

So from the emergency room to CNA’s, nurses, doctors and technicians I sincerely thank you all so much and I’ll remember each one forever.

This comes from the bottom of my newly-repaired heart.

Alice Barlow

Litchfield Park

Reason vs emotion


I’d like to respond to the letter titled “Impeachment” in the Dec. 25 edition of the West Valley View.

While the writer has a better than average vocabulary, he fails to stitch his words together in anything resembling a cogent argument in support of his ideas. Rather he spews one screed upon another resulting in an emotional rant that can only be persuasive to others with the same malady. I learned early on in life that emotions are wonderful servants, but they are horrible masters if you allow them to direct your thinking.

Let’s begin with his assertion that it is “really pathetic” that Trump “…got elected in the first place despite getting 3 million votes less than his opponent.” This is at the heart of the left's assertion that the Trump presidency is illegitimate. The writer should know that there is no national popular election of the President and the total vote count he refers to is meaningless. I’d further refer him to the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers that describe the workings of the Electoral College, a concept that was absolutely necessary to the formation of the United States of America.

The writer proceeds to say people, like myself, “…are immersed in cognitive dissonance…” and “…are so abominably destitute of vision.” Just a fancy way of saying what Hillary Clinton called us, a “basket of deplorables.” 

Next, the writer laments the Senate’s failure to take up the myriad of bills sent to them by the House and his assertion that Republican Senators are being paid for doing nothing. First, the vast majority of these House bills are partisan Democrat pieces of legislation that would not withstand a Senate filibuster nor would they be signed by the President. Second, the Republican majority Senate under Mitch McConnell’s leadership has confirmed over 150 federal judges. Judges that will interpret the Constitution as written according to its original intent. A promise made by candidate Trump and an accomplishment that, in my opinion, sets it head and shoulders above any recent Senate.

The writer concludes with a diatribe of accusations against President Trump. He parrots these Democrat talking points without any factual evidence in much the same way as House Democrat Representatives do. I’d remind him that repeating them over and over does not make them true. And if the House Dems had factual evidence of their truth, they would have included them in their Articles of Impeachment.

He closes by saying that if you’re “OK” with this list of unproven and unsupported allegations. “…you have sold your soul.” To the writer: that is by definition “cognitive dissonance.”

Christian D. Golding


Go Lesko


The headline read: “Lesko takes stand on Capitol Hill” (West Valley View, Dec. 25). Well, isn’t it about time someone had the moral courage to do so?

I reside in District 8. Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko represents my/our interests in Washington, D.C. 

Our brave lady voluntarily spends much of her life in the madhouse, aka, U.S. House of Representatives. How awful for her. But great for us. Thank you, ma’am.

Debbie delivers on what she has campaigned on. (Sound familiar?) 

Evidently, that’s anathema to America’s entrenched domestic foes. So what? It works for this pro-America voter. And I’m not alone. 

Go, Debbie!

Ken Williams