Receiving letters


the good neighbor


I wanted to give a shout out to Hickman’s Family Farms. I’ve lived on the west side of town for the last 51 years and have been buying Hickman’s eggs for that long as well. I happened to be at the store on Jackrabbit just before they closed for safety reasons, and I overheard a conversation between Clint Hickman and an airman from Luke AFB.  The airman was thanking Clint for the donation of eggs, which was going to feed some of the families out at Luke. The airman gingerly asked for 20 dozen eggs, at which Clint scoffed and answered, “You’re not getting 20 dozen eggs; we’re sending you home with 90 dozen eggs.”

I was so proud that a family-owned and -operated company was continuing to take care of their neighbors amidst a growing crisis. My dad used to buy Hickman’s eggs when they were just a small family-run store way out on 91st Avenue. Oh my, how they have grown!  

Hickman’s is the largest egg company in the Southwest, but they have never forgotten their small-town roots. During the growing pandemic, Hickman’s is continuing to take care of their neighbors by donating eggs to Meals of Joy, homebound seniors, St. Vincent de Paul, Families at Luke AFB, Desert Rural Firehouses (all 10), the county jail, St. Mary’s Food Bank, United Food Bank - Southwest Valley, School Free Meals, Avondale Senior Center, Buckeye Senior Center as well as nurses and doctors who are on the front line fighting the coronavirus. 

At a time like this, we all need to pull together and take care of each other as well as our neighbors. Thank you, Hickman’s, for being a good neighbor and reaching out to those in need. You are appreciated!

Amy Applegate

Litchfield Park

Many falsehoods


After reading the editorials in this paper the last couple months, I feel compelled to address some falsehoods that I feel are being perpetuated by the press and some editorial writers in this paper.

• That this is a pandemic.

This is not the Spanish flu. In fact, it hasn’t even gotten to the level of the killer flu that was around in 2017-18. That flu killed 60,000 people, and no quarantines or lockdowns were imposed. I know about that flu because it almost killed me (I was saved by a Z-Pak when bacterial pneumonia set in). This whole episode is more accurately described as a panic reaction by state and local governments resulting in a totalitarian power grab by those entities with no true basis in fact or science for any of it.

• That government has the legal authority to close private businesses and confine us to our homes over fear of a pandemic.

Such legal authority is nowhere to be found in the Constitution. Never in my 62 years on this Earth did I ever imagine that the American people would have their basic civil rights stripped because of fear. This country has a long, storied history of facing and defeating fear without submitting to panic. I never thought I would see government and its advocates so casually wad up the Bill of Rights and toss them in the nearest waste basket! It is embarrassing and appalling! The recent protests here and in other states are refreshing and provide hope that we haven’t just yet, as a people, lost our passion for liberty and individual rights.

• That it is Donald Trump’s fault and the Chinese are not to blame.

China has consistently withheld accurate information about this coronavirus since last fall, including its origin. The “wet market” story has been debunked, and there is mounting evidence that it escaped from a biolab due to shoddy safety controls. When China was initially confronted, the country doubled down and threatened to withhold critical medicines needed to fight the virus by our country.

Ten days after the first case was detected in the United States, President Trump instituted a travel ban on Chinese nationals to this country. He rapidly followed that with necessary quarantines of infected persons and established social distancing guidelines to the states, correctly leaving implementation up to those states. This occurred when the infection and death rates were low. By contrast, his predecessor, Barack Obama, didn’t do anything about H1N1 until six months after it hit and 12,000 people were already dead and hundreds of thousands infected.

• That the shutdown needs to continue indefinitely.

The shutdown was justified first to prevent the health care system from collapsing, which it has not (medical personnel are getting laid off or losing hours). The justification then shifted to “defeating the virus once and for all.” This goal may not even be attainable and conveniently extends lockdowns indefinitely. We didn’t have a vaccine for SARS, H1N1 or the 2017-18 flu, so why do we need one for this? Treatments are being developed that are proving effective. Studies also show that the virus is killed by sunlight, ultraviolet light and warm temperatures. The only people who are interested in prolonging this are politicians and scientists who gain power from it, not to mention the ability to diminish the likelihood of Donald Trump’s re-election .

The American people have a high enough IQ to figure out how to protect themselves, their businesses and those who are most vulnerable to the virus without having their civil liberties and individual rights stripped away by arbitrary, capricious and draconian government action.

Michael Kelly