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We have lived in this same location for 30-plus years. The traffic speed is getting worse every day since we have all the new subdivisions being built.

Citrus Road, Yuma Road on the north end and Durango Street on the south (although the problem is all the way to Lower Buckeye Road) is considered by the traffic a speedway with no speed limits. 

The speed limit from Yuma Road to Durango Street is 50 mph, Durango to Lower Buckeye is 45 mph. I would like to know why the difference in speed limits because it's all residential from Yuma to Durango and right now it is all open land from Durango to Lower Buckeye.

I have called the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and the Goodyear Police Department to complain about the traffic speed, but I believe the reasons for no police or sheriff presence is not enough manpower. I would think there could be some law enforcement presence, I see Goodyear going to the new subdivision southwest of our location almost daily, the Sheriff’s Office I do not see.

I would hope that some speed control or slow down could be accomplished, I would hate to see a serious accident happen.

Judy Blakeman




Once again, Republicans are complaining all the Democrats want to do is block everything Trump and try to get him out of office.  Think back to President Obama and what the Republicans did. They tried to obstruct everything he did and tried to prove he wasn’t a U.S. citizen.  

From the moment Obama became president Republicans gathered together to figure out how to make him a one-term President. That was their only goal and had no intention of trying to work with him. The Republicans obstructed everything with President Clinton also.  

If Trump lied about certain things, that could be impeachable, just like what happened to President Clinton. Trump supporters try to either deny or minimize lies, but some of those small lies are so obvious it makes you wonder why he even did it. 

Trump lowered the standard of the office to gutter level with his personal name-calling of virtually everyone and making fun of handicapped people. Could a Democrat get away with that? No.

 Could Democrats get away with saying “that’s just who he is and you need to get over it.”  No Would Republicans let a Democrat get away with contacting another country, or publicly invite an adversarial country, to investigate a person who is a presidential opponent, regardless of alleged corruption?  No. 

The fact is, both sides have faults, are vindictive and hypocritical. However, in recent times it has been the Republicans that have tried to do everything to obstruct presidents.  Again, so easy for them to “forget” that. We need parties that work together to govern, not obstruct everything the other party does.  

The simplest way to understand if you are being fair about your politics and not partisan, is to ask yourself one simple question and answer it truthfully:  “If this was the other party, would I feel/act the same way?” 

 I have had to catch myself at times because I wasn’t being fair.  It wasn’t a happy realization, but it was the truth. So, are you really being fair, or just partisan?

Mike Getz




Recently, I heard that Arizona’s own Barbara Barrett was confirmed as the new Secretary of the Air Force. It is great news for the West Valley because she will bring all her heft in support of Luke Air Force Base and the F-35s stationed there. 

She has an incredible background and very large footprints in Arizona and is unique in her qualifications for the job. Without a military background, she was the first civilian woman to land an F/A-18 Hornet on an aircraft carrier and has served as a civilian adviser to the Secretary of Defense, among many other things.

Luke is the largest international pilot training base in the U.S. and brings a huge amount of economic activity to the area with pilots often spending nine months there to be trained. National security is served as our allies are prepared to use this most advanced fighter jet on the planet and the economic security of the entire area is greatly enhanced.

I believe she will bring a steady and thoughtful approach to the continued support for the F-35s at all Arizona locations. The benefits beyond national security are vast.  We salute her and wish her much success as the new Secretary of the Air Force.

Danielle Collins




After Obama decimated the economy, put over 6 million on welfare and food stamps and sent 200,000 manufacturing jobs overseas and his “accomplishments” are endless, the American people had enough and voted for a businessman instead of a politician.

How’s that working for everybody? Unemployment in every sector is the lowest in history, wages skyrocketed, taxes lowered, the border is finally being secured, unfair trade agreements being re-negotiated after over 40 years of unfair agreements that ripped off Americans, and manufacturers that moved overseas are coming back home. There is a lot more but I’m sure you all know it.

Now we have Trump working for three years for the American people with his hands tied behind his back with nothing but obstruction. We had the fake “Russian collusion,” now it’s the “Ukraine illusion.” We had the Democrats blind as bats when hundreds of thousands of illegals swarmed over the border, claiming there was “no emergency on the southern border,”  but they didn’t bother to go check for themselves.

Now the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff is hellbent on impeaching President Trump, the Goose Who Laid the Golden Egg. If this coup actually manages to take place, one word of caution to every American. Do not charge your credit cards to the max during the Christmas season. Pay them off instead or face bankruptcy. If you think the last housing crisis was bad around 2008-9, you just might want to vote for Trump in 2020. Will it hurt Americans to have five more years of fantastic economy? I think not.

James Logan