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DePaul University professor Jason Hill, a Jamaican immigrant and author of the book “We Have Overcome: An Immigrant’s Letter to the American People,” stated in a July 16, 2018, op-ed in The Hill, “Universities are the gravest internal threat to this country.” He feels many universities promote anti-Americanism, socialism and identity politics. Instead of universities being institutions where differing opinions and values are debated, only views in step with leftist ideology are tolerated while other views are condemned. To ensure compliance, opposing views when tolerated are restricted to “free speech zones” and not allowed in “safe spaces” to avoid “triggering” or upsetting students with fragile intellects and egos. This strict adherence to speech codes has produced militant, cult-like students who cannot tolerate opposing views or think critically. Students who dare challenge leftist ideology are bullied, ostracized and isolated. Ms. Isabella Chow, a Christian student at UC Berkeley, refused to condemn President Trump’s 2018 declaration that a person’s gender is defined at birth and was immediately harassed and condemned by the student body.

The desire to stifle free speech also applies to conservative speakers who frequently have to put up with hecklers’ vetoes, where certain students basically drown out the speaker. Other conservative speakers are uninvited after protests by students’ and administrators’ concerns for “security.” Such intolerance of opposing views is not new. It is characteristic of totalitarian regimes that do not allow dissenting views.

Liberal, leftist indoctrination of American students does not start in college where socialist professors only accelerate leftist brainwashing, but frequently starts in high school, where students are exposed to teachers who feel obligated to express their political views either in the classroom or in illegal strikes, which cause unfair hardships for students and parents. The current Arizona “Red for Ed” movement has Noah Karvelis as one of its leaders. Mr. Karvelis is a dedicated socialist activist who attended a socialist conference last year and in January wrote an article for communist magazine Jacobin regarding the need for community organizing. As a K-8 music teacher in Arizona, he exposed his students to violent and political hip-hop music that promoted radical social change.

The threat to free speech on college campuses has become so acute that President Trump had to issue an executive order on March 21 to promote free speech on campuses and penalize universities with loss of federal research funding if they did not comply. Free speech is guaranteed by the First Amendment and is the first and main defense against totalitarianism. When universities and their students do not respect and honor this fundamental freedom, all our other freedoms are jeopardized. If we value our freedoms and rights we must hold our universities accountable for this basic freedom

Igor Shpudejko


New Democrat Party


I read with amusement a letter some weeks ago about Alexandria O’Casio-Cortez, and how the writer thought she might be a “plant” from the Republican Party. That’s almost funny. Their comment was “Make Alexandria Go Away,” a spoof on the Trump-inspired MAGA theme, no doubt.

AOC seems to be just one of the new, wacky, left-wing, liberal, socialist Democrats. Some other notables are Ilhan Omar, the first person who married her brother in order to commit immigration fraud, and Rashida Tlaib, one of the first Muslim Brotherhood-linked and anti-Semitic candidates elected to Congress. Her first words after being sworn in were “Let’s impeach the (expletive) president.” Nice, huh? Then we have AOC, who lied about being from the Bronx, and thus made up her life story. Lastly, we have Abigail Spanberger, the first substitute teacher from an Islamist school (nicknamed by LE as “Terror High”) ever elected to Congress. If you are looking for politicians who show an open disdain and animosity for American principles and values, you can always count on the Democratic Party.

To sum it all up, the Democratic Party has been subverted by radicals and should now and forevermore be called “The New Democratic Socialist Workers Party.” All you wacko, left-wing, liberal freeloaders have caused this, so don’t blame us Republicans.

There is an old saying: Be careful what you wish for. You may get it!

Tom Moore


Imagine the future


For years, I have been critical of progressives because they want to trash our Constitution. By now it should be obvious to everyone that my fears were well founded.

All of the progressives who have thus far declared they are running for president in 2020 are in agreement with each other. They are all on record having said what they want to change.

They want to do away with the Electoral College and have the president elected by direct popular vote. The Electoral College has worked well since our country was established. “Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump and lost. So let’s change things.”

They want to pack the Supreme Court because Trump appointed two Conservatives. The court works well because for the most part it is not political. So the progressives want to politicize it so they get to push their agenda on the people through continued judicial activism.

They want to disarm America under the guise of public safety. They want to tear up the Second Amendment. Commonsense gun laws are just the way to get their foot into the door of gun confiscation.

They are attacking the First Amendment through political correctness as well as not allowing Conservative speakers on college campuses. Progressives cannot tolerate someone with a different point of view. It is just not in their DNA to think someone else might have a better idea.

They want to get rid of all oil and gas production in 10 years under their New Green Deal. No more cars or airplanes.

In his famous book, which sold millions of copies, entitled “1984,” George Orwell’s final warning was, “Don’t let this nightmare situation happen. It all depends on you.”

Orwell was warning people of the dangers of totalitarianism, socialism and communism, which are actually different words for the same thing. That is exactly what progressives advocate. That is exactly the threat facing our nation today.

In his book, Orwell said about totalitarianism, if you want to know the future, “Imagine a boot stomping on a human face forever.” Can you imagine that? Vote Democrat, elect progressives, and you may not need to use your imagination.

Roy Azzarello


Response to

Susan Lee


I am writing in response to Susan Lee’s “Trump haters” letter from March 27.  Ms. Lee said, “There have been 335 attacks on Republicans” and “zero attacks on Democrats.” I’m not sure where she is getting this information, but the reality is quite the opposite. During the past three years, the FBI indicates that hate crimes based on race/ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation have increased by double digits. The people attacked are mostly black, Jewish, homosexual and/or transgender. (See “Hate crimes rose 17 percent last year, according to new FBI data” in The Washington Post.) People of color, religious minorities and sexual minorities tend to be over-represented in the Democratic Party and underrepresented in the GOP.

Ms. Lee continues, “I would like one of these (Trump) haters to tell me one thing that Trump has done negatively that has affected their lives.” I’ll list a few in brief. He has tried to dismantle Obamacare without replacing it with anything such that our family’s health care costs have risen sharply and many of our friends can no longer afford medical insurance.  Mr. Trump has tried to bar even American citizens and legal residents from entering our country from Muslim-majority nations. He has tried to end the careers of transgender soldiers. He has tried to slash Special Olympics funding. He has withdrawn us from the Paris climate agreement, and has tried to intimidate and silence federal civil servants who work on climate change issues. He has defended autocratic leaders of our enemies and believed their lies, while attacking our intelligence community.

Ms. Lee cites concerns about contagious diseases like mumps and measles. I share that concern, and much of the rise in such diseases is due not to immigration but due to a decline in vaccination by people already in our country. Mr. Trump’s tweets have done nothing to reverse that troubling trend and seem to lend credence to the long-debunked claim that vaccines cause autism.

Ms. Lee advocates legal immigration, but Mr. Trump has tried to decrease the amount of legal immigration, which is unrealistic and will simply lead to more illegal immigration. It is also heartless because we are now severely limiting even the number of refugees being allowed into our country.

Claudine Pease-Wingenter


Trump’s false or




It’s time for the quarterly report on President Trump’s untrue statements. Here are a few from the past three months:

1. April 3: “The noise from windmills causes cancer.” False – Idiotic and unsupported.

2. April 2: “Puerto Rico got $91 billion for hurricane damage – a record amount.” False – $41 billion has been approved by Congress, less than that after Katrina and other hurricanes.

3. March 28: “The FBI said Michael Flynn wasn’t lying.” False – The FBI said he lied and Flynn admitted it.

4. March 8: “The Obama White House didn’t give a single document to Congress for investigations.” False – They gave many thousands of pages to Congress.

5. February 28: “The Dems are so extreme they would allow executing babies after birth.” False – No one supports killing newborns. Trump distorts the issue, as usual.

6. February 12: “At Beto O’Rourke’s rally there were about 300 people; we had over 30,000 at my rally.” False – Police estimated about 6,500 people at each event.

7. February 8: “El Paso used to have very high rates of violent crime until they built a powerful barrier at the border.” False – The city had a low crime rate before the new border fencing was erected.

8. January 12: “58,000 non-citizens voted (in 2018) in Texas.” False – There is no evidence that any non-citizens voted there.

9. January 9: “U.S. troops recently received one of the biggest pay raises ever – More than 10% – and the first increase in ten years.” False – It was a 2.6% raise, slightly above average for the last 10 years.

The Washington Post has counted about 9,000 lies and misleading statements from Trump since he took office. These are just 1/1,000 of them.

Conclusion: this man does not care about being accurate or truthful. That is a problem for our country.

John Flynn


Is anybody besides Trump working in D.C.?


We are paying 535 government officials and lawmakers big salaries to run our government and work for the American people who voted them into office. Too bad we can’t fire a bunch of them.

The Democraps haven’t done a thing for over two years except show their hate for a duly-elected president, and spend over two years on a witch hunt that turned up nothing, and they now are wasting more time trying to dig up Trump’s taxes for the past six years. There is no law that demands that every president show their income taxes. It is a voluntary thing. I couldn’t care less how much Trump makes or made for the past six years. It’s his personal, private matter, not the Democraps’ matter! He’s even donating his presidential salary to charities.

If Trump continues to put the American people in a much better economy and keep lowering unemployment, hooray for him! The Democraps spent millions of dollars on the witch hunt and refuse to work for America like they were hired to do. They cut their own throats for the 2020 election and don’t have the intelligence to stop their wasteful games and do the jobs they were put into office to do.

My prediction is President Trump will mop up the floor with every Democrap candidate and win reelection with a 70-72% margin. And, we owe it all to Pelosi and Schumer. Our forefathers put the Electoral College in place for a reason... to prevent corrupt liars like Hillary from getting into the White House. It’s working so far!

James Logan


What would Theodore

Roosevelt do?


When Donald Trump was elected president, sportsmen had high hopes that the president and his cabinet would commit to, in President Trump’s words, “Honoring the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt.” As our 26th president, Roosevelt worked tirelessly to stop special interests from developing and privatizing our public lands and waters, conserving more than 230 million acres by establishing 150 national forests, 51 federal bird reserves, four national game preserves, five national parks, and 18 national monuments.

Sportsmen have applauded the administration for some Roosevelt-like actions, such as their proposal to expand hunting and fishing on 10 national wildlife refuges and their calling on Congress to create a permanent solution to the practice of “fire borrowing.”

Yet we will continue to hold administration officials accountable for pursuing the rollback of conservation protections on millions of acres of national monuments, scrapping collaborative habitat management plans for sage grouse, and not fighting administration proposals to cut popular public access programs like the Land and Water Conservation Fund. These actions threaten to undermine Roosevelt’s legacy, and I join Backcountry Hunters and Anglers in urging the Trump administration to do the right thing and stand up for our public lands.

Tyler Hartpence


Goodyear’s false promises


If there were something equivalent to the Academy Award in the best letter to the editor, Ginny Boyle’s April 10 opinion would be under the spotlights every year. A must read for any decade long Goodyear resident.

We, too, were thrilled to hear Mayor Georgia Lord profess that Goodyear would bounce back after the Great Recession with high-quality growth, especially because yearly contractual kickbacks on property were in place. Well, it never happened! What we got was just a rubber stamp of many growing communities eager to collect tax dollars at the expense of families selecting a community with a vision that has never materialized.

Louis R. De Carolis


Taking action


I have lived in Goodyear for 13 years and believe we made the right choice when we moved from Illinois. I have noticed some things, however, that we as residents of Goodyear need to consider and take action as individuals to help our community and our environment. This is not a “shame on you” article, and I am not blaming anyone for anything. I am suggesting that we, who live here in this area, become aware and take action as individuals to make things better. To that end and based on my observations, I pose the following questions and thoughts for each of us to consider:

How many of us walk through a park, a parking lot or green space and see a piece of trash but don’t pick it up and throw it either in recycle or a trash can? We have roughly 50,000 people in Goodyear. Think about how much nicer our community would look if 20% of us would simply pick up one piece of trash a day. That’s 70,000 pieces of trash a week that would not be on the ground, blowing in the wind, stuck on fences, laying in the streets, etc. Think about birds making nests out of cigarette butts and plastic bags, and animals that take refuge in holes in soda and beer cans carelessly thrown on the ground.

How many of us believe that global warming is an issue, but sit idling in drive-thrus for our specialty coffees or our fast food hamburgers, oriental foods, etc? The worst combustion engine exhaust gases (carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide) occur when our cars, trucks and motorcycles are idling.  Yet we blame big industry for producing greenhouse gases that hurt the atmosphere. Every time we idle, we emit the same gases, one vehicle at a time. Thank goodness for electric and hybrid vehicles that shut down the combustion cycle portion of the engine when idling.

How many times have you seen someone at this cooler time of year sitting in a car, idling to support their air conditioner, while texting or using their cell phones? Have we forgotten how to roll down a window when it is 70 degrees outside and turn off the engine?

How many of us have taken the time to sit down with our children and tell them the importance of being good to our environment? Do we set a good example for them, or do they watch us throw a little trash out the window of a car, or quietly drop trash on the ground. Children watch us and take their cues based on what we, their respected adults, do.

How many of us go up to a trash can at fast food places and try to force trash into an already overflowing container, because, after all, it isn’t our job to clean that up. “If it blows away after I walk away, that’s their problem. I tried (and therefore I am off the hook).”

I have thought about sending this to the paper before, but didn’t because of the thought that “those who cause the problems won’t read this.” But as I mentioned above, it isn’t about blaming someone for something, it is about us considering what we can do for our community and taking individual action to make things better.”

Raubin Randels


A man of integrity and honor


It sure seems that critical thinking, objectivity and compromise are words rarely used in our society today. American history is undulated with numerous accounts of colorful and unique individuals who fought trends and stereotypes because of principled and diverse thinking. In the past, men and women have consistently defied norms dictated by culture, environment, political affiliation and religion to create new ideas and concepts.

In an age where diverse thought and presentation are available in so many media avenues, most of us have chosen to bury our heads in the sand and reinforce limited and skewed thought. We are finding superficial security in simple rhetoric and indirect brainwashing. We seem to gravitate to one dimensional thought that justifies ignorance and shortsightedness.

I did not support John McCain’s political goals when making a bid for the presidency nomination. But in retrospect there seem to be very few people for whom I have more respect. He answered to a moral and principled higher calling. He was not controlled by his political party, the norm or public pressure. He expressed views that seem to be rooted in moral principles, objectivity and the concern for humanity. He had no chains that forced him to express beliefs in a canned or expected manner. We need to get past stereotypes that are dictated to one dimensional and party thinking. We need to pool our thoughts, listen to others and open our minds. Only then can we grow past our limitations and search for solutions with compromise.

James MacDicken