Let’s review. We have overrunning immigration problems, drugs running rampant on the streets, shootings every day and “hit-and-run” incidents almost every day. And our paid state politicians are debating, “What should our state drink of choice be, lemonade or margarita?” Come on. Get your priorities straight and do your job!

Skip Gault


Salt cedar Jackie


Wow, again we are hearing, “Restoring the Gila River to its natural habitat will remain one of my (Buckeye Mayor Jackie Meck) top priorities.” How long has this been one of your top priorities? A very long time. And what has been done up until now? Talk. I guess filling up the corner of Watson and Yuma roads is a bigger priority. “Buckeye is open for business.” How long have we, and you, known of the havoc these trees bring? Probably as long as you have been mayor. Yet nothing has been done and probably won’t unless there is a fire and it burns part of Buckeye.

Dennis Batterman


Wake up, America!


According to a congressional report titled “Stopping terrorist travel through illicit pathways to the homeland” made public in January, federal agents along the southern border routinely encounter individuals from terrorist nations, and the Department  of Homeland Security considers them one of the top threats to the U.S. Investigations involving Special Interest Aliens (SIA) by the DHS point to SIAs from countries — mostly in the Middle East, Asia and Africa — that pose a national security risk to the U.S., which is being deliberately ignored by the Democratic Party in violation of the oath or affirmations of office Democrats (and some Republicans) took.

In Laredo, Texas, alone there was an astounding 300% increase in illegal aliens from Bangladesh, a South Asian Islamic country well known as a recruiting ground for terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Congressional investigators found that the number of SIAs flowing north via Latin America has increased tremendously in the last few years. Hundreds of SIAs have entered Columbia and tens of thousands have entered Panama since 2014. Nearly all the SIA illegal aliens were headed to the United States and originated from the Middle East, Asia and Africa — including Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, India, Eritrea and Bangladesh.

Encounters with these SIAs resulted in the seizure of thousands of fraudulent documents including passports and visas. Among the Islamic terrorists who made it to the United States via Mexico are Mohammad Aldairi of Jordan, arrested last year in New York; Sharafat Ali Khan of Pakistan, convicted for smuggling fellow Pakistanis with terrorist ties into the United States; Abdullah Omar Fidse of Somalia, a member of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group; Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane of Somalia, another Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Baraket and Al-Ittihad al-Islami; and Mohmoud Yousef Kourani of Lebanon, a fighter, recruiter and fundraiser for Hezbollah. According to Committee investigators Hezbollah is “growing at an alarming rate in Latin America.”

As of September, a record 630 Bangladeshi nationals have been arrested trying to enter the United States illegally in Laredo, Texas. The recent illegal alien caravans, which are being financed by George Soros, included several SIAs and suspected terrorists. Government sources in Guatemala confirmed SIAs waiting to get smuggled into the United States through Central America are integrated with poor Hondurans in the caravan. Among them are nationals of Bangladesh, which appear on the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control’s Counter Terrorism Designations list.

And yet, despite all this evidence, Democratic leaders refuse to fund the building of a wall, Pelosi calling it “immoral” and “contrary to American values.” As I write this letter, the mayor of Yuma has declared an emergency, as his city is over run by illegal aliens. I wonder how many Middle Eastern terrorists are included among those “poor people seeking a better life.”

Wake up, America.

DJ Hammond


Enough of this

nonsense already


Now that President Trump has been exonerated by the Mueller report, we as Americans will finally be allowed to heal and come together, right? Absolutely not!

Those who are working to subvert our form of government will never accept Trump as legitimate. They will now advance a new narrative. Fake news will erroneously reason that Trump-appointed Attorney General William Barr must be carrying water for him. They will push that new narrative until the 2020 election. They may even try to impeach Trump. Impeachment would be a gift to the president, because the only thing that would accomplish is tear the nation apart and ensure in 2020 the Democrats suffer a well-deserved, massive and stunning defeat in a flamboyant blaze of disgrace. The American people are sick and tired of all their crap already!

Progressive ideology and its corollary goals are anathema to the Constitution. Many progressive politicians in federal and state governments are traitors to the Republic. They are at war with and despise hard-working patriotic Americans. They wake up every morning hating their country and anyone who supports Trump. Why do they feel that way? Because they are woke, and thus they know only certain lives matter. Those lives which matter, for sure, are not Conservatives, nor old white men, nor anyone, anywhere who disagrees with them.

If you believe America is a noble nation and you want to preserve our Constitution, understand progressives will hate you 24/7. The bottom line is the progressives want to overthrow our Republic and replace it with a secular, progressive, politically correct and dictatorial government that tolerates no dissent. They see humankind as the supreme authority in the universe. They do not believe in God.

If Trump is re-elected, the left (progressives) won’t be able to handle it! Their meltdown may cause the culture war to become a hot war. Even so, “Come Lord Jesus.” (Rev. 22:20)

Roy Azzarello