He may not wear a white suit, or a string tie—nor sport a silver goatee— but it appears as if Joe Biden wants to emulate the late Colonel Harland Sanders.

Sanders made millions with Kentucky Fried Chicken and franchising that fried fare…well after his 65th birthday.

The popularity of KFC now extends all the way to the People’s Republic of China.

Biden, for his part, hopes to increase his popularity here at home so that he can stay in the White House for eight years – even though he’s now 80. Certainly, he must have fatherly pride in the popularity that his son, Hunter, now enjoys in China, in addition to his business success there.

That’s why it now appears that Ol’ Joe—with considerable help— has developed a national security “secret recipe.” 

Admittedly, it is a curious concept—the notion of a deliberately delayed takeout service.  Call it “Slow Joe’s ‘Biden’ Our Time.” Ask for it Wednesday, and you’ll see the order carried out on Saturday.

So what transpired off the South Carolina coast on the first Saturday in February could accurately be described as a new type of “Chinese takeout.” 

An American fighter jet finally shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon that had unfettered access to some of our most sensitive military sites after a week-long trek across sovereign U.S. airspace.

Continuing “changes in narrative” emanating from the Potomac swamp began as soon as a video of the balloon taken over Montana was posted to social media sites, and the Billings Gazette published its account on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

Tthe reports from Big Sky gave birth to a rapidly changing Big Lie.

The immediate challenge for the “Biden Bunch” was clear—somehow how our “woke” military leaders had to appear awake, in charge and giving clear advice to the increasingly befuddled “Leader of the Free World.”

Instead of exhibiting the fundamental instinct expected of military leadership—protecting Americans—our now hyper politicized Pentagon officials were engaging in what they believe to be a much more urgent priority: shielding a lone American octogenarian from any further collapse in his poll numbers.

That led, in turn, to a seemingly endless stream of “clarifications” that could be more accurately described as contradictions.

We were initially informed that American intelligence had been tracking the balloon since it had taken flight in China. Then for good measure, “unnamed sources” insisted that similar balloons had breached American airspace on four earlier occasions during Donald Trump’s presidency. It was subsequently reported that those incursions had previously been undetected.

To modify the “Orange Man Bad” narrative, the NORAD commander had to go on the record and appear red-faced. Said General Glen D. VanHerck, “It’s my responsibility to detect threats to North America, [and] I will tell you that we did not detect those threats.”

VanHerck then made himself an early favorite for the “Best Bureaucratic Euphemism “ Award, describing the failure as a “domain awareness gap.” 

The ever-helpful “Politico” then took its turn at creative writing, publishing a “timeline” of the events surrounding the balloon’s flight across America and insisting that Biden wanted the balloon shot down over Montana, but that VanHerck—in cooperation with Joint Chiefs’ Chairman Gen. Mark Milley—persuaded Mr. Biden to wait until the balloon was off the Atlantic Coast before taking any military action.

It’s not enough to call Milley “silly,” but that must suffice for this family publication. 

Any American military commander who would brag to Bob Woodward that he intervened to disrupt the chain of command because of his distrust of Donald Trump—to the point of secretly calling his Chinese counterpart to pledge that America would not launch an attack—is not courageous, but confused, to put it mildly.

In stark contrast to his oft-observed confusion, Joe Biden had a clear-eyed motive to delay shooting down the balloon – his son’s “business connections” to Beijing. 

Hunter Biden hasn’t had the long-term relationship that Kentucky Fried Chicken has enjoyed there, but the younger Biden has been generously compensated by businesses connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

And unlike Colonel Sanders, Joe Biden’s “secret recipe” may result in our collective goose getting cooked.