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’Tis the week before New Year’s, and for better or worse — 

The words of this column are written in verse.

Campaigns are concocted, plans are made for the air,

as politicians hope to show how much they know and they care.

The voters are struggling, no names have been mentioned

as thanks to inflation, folks can’t pay for attention!

Mom was pacing the floor; Dad had joined her there…wishing

they could print money right out of thin air!

Then on the TV, they heard such a clatter, they both turned to

watch and see what was the matter.

On the screen was a show from the news folks of cable,

devoid of facts and heavy on fable.

The interview guest neither wanted to hear was a doctor,

adept at marketing fear.

He drove home his message, laying it on thick, spreading

the notion the viewers were sick.

“First COVID, then Delta and Omicron, too! I bet there’s 

a mutation that’s coming for you!!”

“Now, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson…

Forget “gain of function…” I’ll just redefine it!

“From a bat cave to the lab…no, not a Wuhan market stall…

you paid for it…paid for it…paid for it all!”

As the outrage grew louder, the viewers grew mad,

so convinced were they that this short doctor was bad…

And fiercer and fiercer their outrage grew… at the leftist

networks and the small doctor. too!

And then, in a twinkling, it all went “Poof!”

As Hollywood actors acted out their “proof…”

So skillful were they, their scripts turned folks around…

And Dr. Fauci was able to scale the rebound!

He was dressed all in white, from his toe to his head,

But why did this doctor seem to delight in the dread?

Therapeutics? He denied folks…and with that he was


As if he were saying that “your fate is mine!”

Oh, how he loved it! His demeanor so merry…

As if he determined which poor souls would be buried.

His creepy old mouth was set firm in a smirk…

How could anyone deny that this doc was a jerk?

He spoke lots of words, but did little work…

And yet the left was enamored with each little quirk.

He filled all his pockets as the top-paid bureaucrat,

and no one at the WaPo could smell the obvious rat.

He continues his reign into 2022…and he’ll continue

to say, “No cure for you!”

But the people have noticed, as he was doing thus…

And they know they must stop him…it’s him or it’s


And so, there you have it…it’s ugly but true…

We must get a second opinion in 2022!