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For what seems years, your readers have been subjected almost weekly to the wildly erratic rantings of Roy Azzarello, James Logan, Ken Williams, et al. about the conspiracy in our country by “progressives and liberals” trying to destroy America.

Some have gone so far as to insinuate the end of our democracy, the collapse of society and the death of American values if Democrats are elected (to any office). In the January 29 issue, James Logan derided Nancy Pelosi as a 79-year-old dingbat, called people “democraps” while raging about all the free stuff Democrats want to get to bankrupt America. Ken Williams lamented the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) running rampant. As if that was the new coronavirus! Roy Azzarello wrote about the great liberal bogeyman, George Soros, and called Capt. Mark Kelly an “anti-gun fanatic” while praising Martha McSally as the only veteran worth honoring in our state.  

They paint a very dark, pessimistic view of our country based on their dislike of people who they identify as Democrats or “left-wingers.”

I am not going to guess why these people dislike liberals, but I would say to them that they need to get out in their communities, walk their neighborhoods, talk to their neighbors who are not conservative and read newspapers and magazines with a national view. They would find that the people they demonize as “progressives, libtards, Democraps,” etc. are people just like them, but with a different view of what America should look like.  

The constant personal attacks tend to wear us all down and build a wall of resentment.  How can that be helpful?  No one ever changes their mind when they are disrespected, demeaned and told how wrong they are. Words matter!

We are husbands, wives, grandparents, teachers, veterans just like you are. We love America and certainly don’t want the downfall of democracy. We pay our taxes, drive our cars on state highways, fly in government-regulated skies, eat safe inspected food, drink clean water and trust our government to protect us and be strong, respected and sympathetic to the plight of the less fortunate of our citizens. The fact is:  We are you!  

We believe that diversity is a strength of our society and as John F. Kennedy said, “If by liberal they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas, someone who cares about the welfare of the people, their health, housing, schools, jobs, civil rights and civil liberties, if that is what they mean by a ‘liberal,’ then I am proud to say I’m liberal.” If you would reach out to find out who your neighbors really are, then the end to the bitterness and hate in this country is possible.

Chuck Veltri


Didn’t see this coming


My husband and I moved to PebbleCreek five years ago from Central Phoenix. We moved to spend our retirement in a location with less traffic and quite possibly less crime, plus it was coming home for me as I was raised in Goodyear, leaving in 1965.  

My, how things have changed in a short five years. 

Little did we know that the sleepy little town, just a stone’s throw away from the upscale Litchfield Park, would become one of the nation’s largest industrial parks. I can handle the prison, the 303 and the 10, but the Fairlife milk facility takes the cake. Fortunately, we built in the middle of the Tuscany side of PebbleCreek. 

My heart goes out to the people who built on the 303 side of the property. They built knowing that the 303 was there, little did they know their backyards would be looking at, quite possibly the biggest eyesore ever, the Fairlife milk facility. Their property values just took a deep dive. There are many new homes to be built in that area, which will now be looking at this monstrosity. How could the city of Goodyear possibly have allowed this? Why were they not made to set the building way back on the property? I know why, because the mayor, who lives in PebbleCreek, wants to be able to say, “Goodyear is the fastest-growing city the state.” My neighbors and many outside PebbleCreek question why we don’t get any good, independent restaurants, only fast-food and chain restaurants. Think about it people—distribution centers and fulfillment centers! I have yet to see a good restaurant in the middle of an industrial park.

Cathy Wertheim


An exemplary life


Col. Ron Lord, the husband of Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord, passed away a short time ago.

I knew Ron, because he and Georgia at one time, played on the same bocce ball team with me in PebbleCreek. Yes, I knew Ron. Thousands of other people worldwide know Ron and Georgia, mainly due to Ron’s military career.

At age 6, Ron knew what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to be a jet fighter pilot—yes, at age 6, so I am told. Ron became a fighter pilot in which he had three tours of active duty in Vietnam.

He once told me he had one kill in his combat missions. When I asked for details, he quickly said, “I don’t talk about it.” That was all he said. He then picked up a bocce ball and quickly scored the winning point in the game.

Anyway, the purpose of this letter is not to laud Ron and his accomplishments. Others will do that much more articulately then I can.

The purpose of this letter is to throw out an idea, and hope someone or many someones will pick it up and run with it. An idea I hope catches fire.

I suggest that PebbleCreek Parkway be renamed the “Col. Ron Lord Memorial Parkway” in honor of a genuine American hero. A man who believed in God, family and country. A man who in his lifetime was passionately loyal to all three. God bless you Ron!

Roy Azzarello


Law is a slippery slope


I find it ironic that HB 2706 was passed by the House, and then Gov. Doug Ducey signs legislation aimed at preventing teen suicides. Suicide among LGBTQ teens has one of the highest rates. The HB 2706 will require genetic testing if any school athletes’ gender is questioned. So, if a female is masculine, they could be forced to have genetic testing to prove they are female. This certainly will cause anguish for any LGBTQ teen athletes, let alone straight teens. This group is already under stress from fear of being different and discriminated against. If Ducey really cared, he will not endorse this bill. Republicans say they are not discriminating against LGBTQ. Then why won’t they look at HB 2716, which bars discrimination against this community? The fact that Republicans endorse forceful genetic testing of teen athletes that appear to be different is absolutely discriminatory! Yes, they can still play sports, but dictated by the state on what is presumed to be “fair.” By whose standards? The conservative far right? Next they will be dictating gender-“appropriate” clothing that we are allowed to wear. This is a very slippery slope and we need to stop this.

Mike Getz & Bob Booth


Gas tax and income tax confusion


I am confused as to why we need an increase in gas tax when the state has more than it needs so the state can cut our income tax. Arizona doesn’t need to have the highest tax in the Western states. Don’t our representatives talk to one another? We should put our gas tax to a vote! 

Donna White

Litchfield Park

In response to Jason Russel


I too am grateful for our liberties, but those are indeed being attacked from within by a Republican party hijacked by Trump. 

You mention how capitalism is so much better than socialist democracy but fail to realize that 90% of Fortune 500 companies receiving huge tax breaks from Trump used that money to buy back their own stock and give increased dividends to shareholders and CEO. Not to add workers or give them raises or increased benefits. 

When I hear those noisy F-35s it makes me think of John McCain, who initially promoted their build only to lament near the end that it was the biggest ripoff he has seen of taxpayer dollars. They cost $32,000 an hour per plane per trip to operate. I, for one, could do without them. 

The only thing a political party has to offer its constituents is the truth, and the GOP doesn’t care that its spokesperson in Trump lies repeatedly as long as they are in power and stay that way. Their shameful display of backing Trump in the Senate should send all people running to the polls this November to elect anyone to replace him. And as Tip O’Neill said, “All politics is local.” 

We have (problematic) GOP right here in Goodyear. Just look at the traffic and the failure of anyone on the town board to do anything even synchronize traffic lights so there is not so much gridlock. I am embarrassed to be in a country with such wealth and have folks without health care and medicine while the GOP takes money from “big pharma” to stop Medicare bidding. I welcome democratic socialism and it’s about time we got rid of the power of the top 1% like the Koch Bros. and the Devos, who take and take and leave crumbs for the rest. You can bet that Bernie will get my vote. We have seen enough of capitalism in this country to know it only works for the top 1%. Open your eyes, and stay away from the Republican Kool-Aid. 

Alan Hoxie