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The West Valley View is a controlled circulation weekly. It is published every Wednesday, and distributed free-of-charge to homes and in high-traffic locations throughout Avondale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Buckeye and Tolleson.

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In Case You Missed It...

Two weeks ago, driven by curiosity, I wrote a column asking what felt like a relevant question: “Does anybody in America with the exception of blood relatives and maybe a small percentage of paid employees actually like Donald Trump?”

On December 20, I voted to keep the government open. The bill I voted for in the House of Representatives not only funded the government, but also funded the comprehensive border security we need to end the crisis that is happening at our southern border. Unfortunately, not one single Democr…

After writing about and working in politics for 25 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that everything I’ve learned can be summed up in one sentence: People vote with their hearts, not their minds.

Happy 2019, everyone! I hope it’s been a great start to the new year for all of you. I was fortunate to kick off the New Year in lovely Ireland, and to take in the sights in London with my wife, Shari.