Breenan “Bfly” Macias

Breenan “Bfly” Macias graduated from Verrado High School.

Boxing is ingrained into Breenan “Bfly” Macias’ DNA. The Verrado High School graduate has boxed since he was just 7 years old. 

Macias, who is signed with Garcia Promotions, will fight Saturday, June 26, at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix as part of “Boxing Continues.”

He doesn’t know who he’s fighting yet, but he doesn’t care. He never knows heading into a fight who will be across the ring from him.

“They have the opponent set. I just don’t look into that,” Macias said. “My coach, who is Alfredo Escarcega Sr., he does everything he needs to and he lets me execute the plan. He comes up with the game plan and I just execute.”

Escarcega is a familiar name. Macias and fellow West Valley boxer, Alfredo Escarcega Jr., are like brothers and are trained by Escarcega Sr. Their bond is unbreakable.

“He’s basically like a brother to me,” Macias said of Escarcega Jr.

 “His parents have looked after me a lot. They’ve taken care of me. They’ve taken me into their home. His dad is a big role model in my life and a father figure, I would say. 

“If there’s something going on I just go to him. It’s not always about boxing. It’s about life in general. I always say, sometimes water is thicker than blood because they’re not blood, but they do treat me like it.”

They met at Sonny’s Boxing Gym, and the relationship developed from there. Starting as just two young kids trying out a new sport, they are now two of Arizona’s most promising young boxers.

Fighting out of Goodyear, Macias takes pride in being from the West Valley and fights with a chip on his shoulder.

“Being from the west side, everything’s always been like, ‘Oh I’m from South Phoenix, I’m from Phoenix,’” he said. 

“Well, I always represent Goodyear. I’m coming from a place where there’s not a lot of people being heard of from out here. I feel like it’s a good thing that I’m putting one of the cities on the map. It’s not just about Phoenix.”

Though Macias wants to become an all-time great boxer, he yearns to be seen as more than that. 

“I want someone to see me as a leader or a role model,” Macias said. 

“I want people to see me in my regular day life and everything I do outside of boxing. I would rather be a role model to all of society than just the people in the sport.”

He brings a hard-working mentality to everything, whether it’s boxing or working as a roofing general contractor. 

He also considers the future. Macias, who’s 21 years old, is planning on post-boxing life. 

“I want to learn the business side of things so I’m able to take care of myself in the long run,” Macias said. 

“I see these big-time boxers. They make millions and they end up going broke. 

“I’m not trying to be in those shoes. I want to be able to take care of myself forever and everyone I love and everyone that’s taken care of me.”