Dylan Spencer

Dylan Spencer is one of 23 high school senior football players, and three collegiate players, to be selected as a scholar-athlete by the Valley of the Sun Chapter of the National Football Foundation. (Dylan Spencer/Submitted)

High school students challenge themselves to achieve good grades and participate in extracurricular activities.

Great Hearts Trivium Prep senior Dylan Spencer took on those challenges and excelled. To honor his success in the classroom, on the football field and in the community, Spencer was named a scholar-athlete by the Valley of the Sun Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

“It feels great, especially when taking all the responsibilities I’ve had and putting them together,” Spencer said. 

Slated to attend UA’s honors program for a business degree, Spencer is one of 23 high school senior football players and three collegiate players to be selected for the award. Winners receive scholarship assistance for undergraduate or postgraduate education. 

They’ll also attend the Valley of the Sun Chapter’s 41st annual banquet gala on Saturday, April 23, at the Wild Horse Pass. 

Spencer said he has a work-life balance thanks to his family and friends. 

“I surround myself with people who make me successful and have great friends who bring me up,” Spencer said. “But also, I take time for myself to dedicate to those things that I want and put in the effort for them.”

He cites his dad, Michael, as his biggest inspiration. He is Trivium Prep Academy’s head football coach and a mathematics teacher.  

“He’s been with me all the way,” Spencer said. “He’s seen me through everything.”

For Michael, it’s been rewarding to see what his son has accomplished.

“To have any player with this kind of recognition, as a coach, I have a lot of pride in that,” Michael said. “But, when it’s your own son, with the accomplishments that he’s had both on and off the field, it hits you as a father. It hits you a whole lot more. I couldn’t be more proud. It’s been his drive, his leadership, his work ethic that has gotten him to where he is today.”

Michael is proud of who Spencer has become. 

“Coaching him, from day one of life to his last football game, has been the greatest joy of my life,” Michael said. 

“To be there for every step of the way, just watching him grow on and off the field has been beyond the dreams of what I could’ve hoped for from being a father. He’s always been a student of the game and competitive in everything he does. He approaches the classroom the same way he approaches athletics. He wants to compete and be the best. 

“That’s why he’s gotten straight As in high school. He competes for his grade. He puts in the time. He puts in the effort. He asks proper questions because he wants the right answer. On the field, he wants to be the fastest. He wants to be the strongest. He wants to be the smartest on the field. That’s why he dedicates time in the offseason to the weight room, especially this past year being a senior and captain of the team. The leadership role that he took, taking the other guys on the team under his wing and helping to propel them to another regional championship, was a pretty nice culmination to his journey.”