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At basketball games, ticketholders see players, coaches and referees on the court all around the same age. However, the Isaac School District in Phoenix and Just Ref It Youth Officials have defied this norm and are training children to become referees.

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The Millennium Tigers football team has produced four straight 4-6 seasons, underwhelming for a team that had consecutive winning records from 2007 to 2013. The team is on its third coach since 2013, and Lamar Early, who took the job last July, is in his first full offseason with the group.

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David Worsham wasn’t at Prescott’s Goldwater Lake on June 2 for the family fishing event or even the stocked rainbow trout. He was there to catch big bass.

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Arizona Divinity Basketball’s 14-and-under team, from Phoenix, went undefeated at the Grassroots 365 Invitational: Southwest 2018 basketball tournament at the American Sports Center in Avondale, finishing off the competition with a 63-29 victory in the final over rival Blue Chip Nation Elite…

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On Sunday, July 8, about 9 p.m., Buckeye was hit hard by a major monsoon. High winds, estimated at more than 70 mph, and heavy rain killed power to more than 14,000 residents because of downed power lines and trees. Traffic signals were also out.

Three years ago, right about the time I turned 50, the membership packet arrived in the mail. I took great joy in chucking it in the recycling, the same as I do junk mail, phone books and those lie-filled mailers the politicians send.

I met with President Donald Trump at the White House in June to discuss the crisis happening at our border. Thousands of migrants are entering our country illegally, human traffickers are exploiting women and children, and illicit drugs are being smuggled in and flooding our streets. As a me…

Growing up, my family had a ritual in the old apartment in Queens. Dinner at 6 served on our scratched-up glass table surrounded by four Formica chairs, followed by a half hour of Walter Cronkite and the CBS Evening News.