Maddy Schleifer

Senior Maddy Schleifer attempts a serve for Trivium Prep beach volleyball.(West Valley View photos by Eric Newman)

With plenty of returning starters, talent and team chemistry, the Trivium Prep beach volleyball team looks set to have another successful season.

The current crop of seniors has played together since freshman year – several of them are four-year starters in multiple sports – and the younger girls have shown promise as well. Coach Beth Wilson said it has been fun to watch the girls grow, both as players and young women.

“We have definitely had some talented teams before, so it would be tough to say whether this is the most talented team we’ve had or not, but these girls love each other so much, and they love competing together,” coach Beth Wilson said.

Unlike indoor volleyball, where there are six conferences based on school size, beach volleyball merely has Divisions 1 and 2. Even in Division 2, Trivium often competes against schools with student populations nearly doubling theirs.

Even so, the Crimson Knights have found plenty of success. They reached playoffs the last two seasons. Wilson said the girls take pride in competing against – and often beating – teams that overlook the small school.

“We talk about that, how they can play well against schools with a lot more people to pick from. But really, they just like competing, so it’s not something we’re thinking about all the time,” Wilson said.

Trivium Prep has a chemistry advantage over many of the teams it faces. Nearly the entire roster played indoor volleyball under Wilson this season, and has played on previous Trivium teams together before this one. Four seniors played indoor volleyball, soccer and now beach volleyball together.

“Really, this is the only group we know, because so many of us have played together all these years,” senior Maddy Schleifer said.

Team beach volleyball matches consist of five individual two-on-two matches. Best of five wins the overall contest. In practice, Trivium players compete to move up and down their own line-up, with the top pair playing at No. 1. With a recent infusion of freshman and sophomore talent, intra-squad matches could become hostile.

However, the great team chemistry keeps hurt feelings at a minimum, and the girls offer nothing but cheers to their teammates come game time.

“It’s so competitive, because pairs are always competing and trying to move to different spots. But, when we get in our matches, we all support each other. I think we all really appreciate that,” senior Paula Rosztoczy said.

The Crimson Knights would love to hoist a championship trophy at the end of their season, and it appears they have the talent to compete for a state title. However, the girls are not looking that far ahead. They merely want to enjoy the experience while it is happening.

In their 12th overall season of high school varsity sports together, the seniors want to cherish every moment and memory they make together, regardless of how it all ends.

“Obviously we want to win, but really it’s about having one last fun season together. It’s just been so much fun playing with everyone,” Rosztoczy said.