Agua Fria

Dropping off your child for their first day of kindergarten can be a very emotional experience — both for you and your child. Similar is the transition of your child from elementary school into high school. Yet both milestones are significant moments for a parent. In the blink of an eye, you’ll go from crying as you leave the elementary school parking lot to crying as your child walks across the stage at high school graduation. Everything your child experiences between that first day of kindergarten and high school graduation is part of your journey of parenthood.

The faculty and staff of the Agua Fria Union High School District want to support our parents through this exciting and rewarding, yet sometimes challenging, time of raising a child. As the high school superintendent, I can assure you that no matter which high school your child attends — Verrado, Millennium, Desert Edge, Canyon View, Agua Fria or our online option — we are committed to being partners with every future high school parent. 

Listed here are five ways that elementary school parents can support the local high schools right now. In doing so, you’ll create the type of educational experience you want for your future teenager. 

• Partner with us. Attend our bimonthly meeting called “Curriculum and Conversation” to understand our academic offerings, teaching methods, and how we engage students in learning. During these meetings, we encourage parents to provide input and ideas. Our district believes the best education occurs when there is a collaboration between students, educators and parents. If interested in the monthly Curriculum and Conversation, please email Marcy Baca,, for details.

• Build relationships with us. Before your child even promotes from eighth grade, parents can make an appointment with the high school principal and/or the school counselors. You can also schedule tours with your child to explore our campuses. We have five stellar high schools. Although each campus is unique in its academic choices, all of our schools are designed to ensure every student has a successful pathway to their dreams.

• Invest in us. Help us to become the best high school district in the nation by participating in bond and override elections. Bonds and overrides support the school district for five and seven years, respectively. These important funding sources ensure both current and future students have modern learning environments and the educational resources needed to be successful. 

• Watch us. Stay informed and in touch with what’s happening with the high school district. You can interact with a real-time accountability tracker that is connected to the goals outlined in our 10-year strategic plan, known as the “Decade of Dreams.” For more information, please visit

Our high school district serves eight public charter schools and 25 schools in the Avondale and Litchfield elementary school districts. We look forward to welcoming your child to one of our campuses. 

It may seem like a long way off, but trust me, your child will be a freshman sooner than you think! 

So, buckle up and together we will drive your child to educational excellence.