Agua Fria

Agua Fria High School District is excited to announce the letter grades for our family of high schools. The Arizona Board of Education determines these grades by calculating academic growth from year to year, scores on the statewide assessment, high school graduation rates, and quantitative indicators showing educational acceleration.



AVerrado High School

BAgua Fria High School

BCanyon View High School

BDesert Edge High School

BMillennium High School**


Our entire community can be proud of the hard work of our students and educators. Their dedication in the classroom has resulted in outstanding letter grades. As a district, we will continue prioritizing our funding and resources to deliver strong academic results. We are committed to ensuring our high school students have the opportunities, support, and a successful pathway to their dreams! 


**Millennium High School has received a letter grade of “B.” The letter grade is under review by the State Board of Education, in response to our appeal for an “A.” We anticipate a decision on the appeal in late 2022.